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Aggie UPdate is a new kind of Alumni & Friends newsletter, focused on sharing some of the stories you might not always hear about. Stories that, we hope, will inspire you to smile and think fondly of NMSU – and all it meant to you.

In this first issue, you'll read about fellow Aggies who met and fell in love while on campus, what it's like to sit on a beer tasting sensory panel with NMSBrew and how Pistol Pete has evolved over the years. Just to name a few.

Along the way, you'll discover ways to connect back to campus - if you aren't already - through campus events, homecoming and even volunteer opportunities.

So, fellow Aggies and friends... it's time for your Aggie UPdate!

Chile Roasting is an NMSU Alumni Chapter tradition. Thanks, Fabian Garcia!

“Join Me!”

A message from International Board of Directors member, Daniel Sonntag '14

Several years ago, I was moving in to the Monagle Residence hall at NMSU - as an Aggie Freshman who was born and raised in Albuquerque with a family full of Lobos. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the “school down south,” and I never could have imagined the wild and wonderful ride it took me on during and after my undergraduate years.

Having no family, and few friends in Las Cruces, I made it a mission to discover all that I could about my school, my state and myself during my time at NMSU.

I quickly became involved on campus with several organizations and roles that developed me both personally and professionally, including the ASNMSU Student Advocacy Board, the Residence Hall Leadership Council, a political student group, a religious student group and Kappa Sigma fraternity. I ended up holding appointed and elected positions in ASNMSU and Kappa Sigma throughout my entire college experience.

Daniel Sonntag (second from right) with the ASNMSU Student Advocacy Board.

ASNMSU gave me a tremendous amount of exposure to the inner workings of my great university. I was able to meet regularly with students, faculty and staff to learn their stories of what brought them to NMSU and what kept them there. Time and time again, I got to see the positive impact the university had on me and other students, and I did my best to positively influence the future of the university for the sake of future students.

Kappa Sigma taught me the importance of leadership, community and service to others. Some of the greatest friendships in my life started because of my fraternity, and some of the greatest and most impactful community service opportunities also came from Kappa Sigma.

As members of Kappa Sigma, we cared deeply about each other, our school and our community, and we competed against ourselves to improve each of these areas.
Members of Kappa Sigma fraternity at ASNMSU's "Keep State Great" day-of-service community event.

As an Aggie, I was able to see the positive impact that individuals can have on each other, and equally important, NMSU taught me the significance of a strong community and the influence groups have to make a community better. After graduation, I have carried that message with me.

I no longer live in New Mexico, but my connection to the university and the Aggie community is stronger than ever. I know that I am better off because of NMSU, and I am excited when I can give my time or money to help other students experience their own version of growth, learning and development.
Daniel Sonntag (left) with NMSU Phoenix chapter alumni.

I currently serve as the Development Committee Chair for the NMSU Alumni Association International Board of Directors and am an active member of the NMSU Alumni Phoenix Chapter (looking forward to the upcoming Tempe Chile Roast!). As often as I can, I try to attend NMSU Athletic events, Alumni events and Homecoming because it always brings back that warm feeling of community and fun that I remember so well from my time as a student.

My message to you is “Join Me!” My fellow alumni friends and I are excited to hear your story and reconnect with you as we all reconnect with the University that has had such a positive impact on us, the students and the community.

However you choose to connect with our collective alumni community, we are excited to reminisce with you and look forward to seeing you at Homecoming and the other alumni events across the country!

David and Judi Voelz

“I had a huge crush on him when I was a junior,” Judi explained. “I flirted and flirted until I could flirt no more… and he dated my best friend for a year and a half.”

Forget the wobbling in your shoes bit. NMSU is taking beer to the next level.

It was now fully 45 minutes into our session and finally, we were instructed to do what most of us signed up to do: taste the beer. I, personally, was thankful to have learned how to hold my glass because the beer was still nicely chilled. But, like with the aroma profiling, there was more to it than just taking a sip: we had to hold our noses while we drank.
College of Engineering Dean Lakshmi Reddi holds his nose to taste the beer.

You never know when or where you might run across a fellow Aggie. But, you can be sure that when you do, you'll be in excellent company.

Take, for instance, the happen-chance meeting between Kit and Louis. In case you missed it on our Facebook page, Louis Mayer (a current NMSU Aggie) was cruising along in Albuquerque when he saw '62 Alumna, Kit Elliott, sporting her Aggie gear. Already sensing a connection, Louis stopped to say "Hi!" and ended up volunteering with Kit at the New Mexico Senior Olympics. Needless to say, they became fast friends.

Kit and Louis are a generation apart, yet brought together by the simplest of things: their Aggie pride. You see, Aggies don't just look for other Aggies, they LOOK OUT for other Aggies. And these two, also took the time to look out for citizens in their community.

After all, it's what we do.

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