Plate Boundaries evonne Hodnett

Divergent Plate Boundaries

Divergent Boundaries move away from each other

The type of stress on divergent boundaries is tension

Real world examples of divergent boundaries are that they cause volcanes

The latest volcano eruption was Feb. 8 2017. The name of the volcano was Fuego

This is the Fuego Volcano eruption.

Convergent Plate Boundaries

Convergent Plates move towards each other.

The type of stress on convergent boundaries is compression.

Real world examples of convergent boundaries in action is the Mariana Trench. the Mariana Trench is the deepest part in the world created by a convergent boundary discovered on March 23 1875.

This is a picture of the Mariana Trench.

Transform Boundaries

Transform Plates slide past each other.

The type of stress on a transform boundary is shear.

Real world examples of transform boundaries in action is when a transform boundary created the San Andreas Fault that caused an eruption in 1906 in San Francisco.

This is a picture of the damage the earthquake caused.


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