My holiday’s by:karndeep

On the break I had so much fun I played with rc cars with my cousin in the basement because he made a course “it was so cool we played about for six hours or seven.
After my mom called us upstairs so we can have some pizza because I did not eat anything from the morning because you were playing the whole time.
We were eating pizza me my cousin watched our favourite YouTuber jacksepticeye.
Aventually I went home with my parents when we got home I want upstairs into my room so I can play on my PlayStation 4 my favourite game is GTA 5 in GTA 5 I got a Lamborghini and i road over people because in the game in the game I was getting chased by cops after I sneeked into the airport then stole a plane and crashed it into a building and died in the game.
on years we invited our cousins to our house for dinner when they came me and my cousin went upstairs to play on my ps4 because my cousin brought his controller then by brother woke up by the noise of us having fun and he had to ruin it he is such a party pooper then the countdown started when it was 2017 we ate homemade cake by me and my mom.
Christmas was close i bought a christmas sweater the next day on christmas bought the same sweeter atlest he knows my taste in close shoping.
Then i started to do my health project.


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