Legendary Roy Hall returns to Canada, this time to its capital, Ottawa during the holiday season of 2019.

Together with the host and owner of Stereo Passion, Luc Morin, they created a delightful and entertaining evening.

As part of a Music Hall tradition, fine scotch must accompany fine music.

Saturday evening’s casual set-up for the presentation of Music Hall’s feature product, the MMF- 9.3.

A brief history of Roy Hall’s famous MMF11.3 turntable design.

Roy explains how he overcame technical difficulties of designing the MMF-11.3 through a humorous anecdote.

Harpist Isabeau Corriveau

As said by Roy, “Nothing competes with live music. Not even my finest turntables.”

However, a live performance by harpist Isabeau Corriveau added the perfect touch to the evening

Local harp music enthusiast stands with Corriveau, holding a signed album of hers.

Many thanks to Stereo Passion!

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