Covering IU Sports david Patrick, The Noble Academy

In a room located on the upper floors of Franklin Hall, Braiden listens as his teacher gives his class instructions. He had spent two days with his instructor.
Leaving Franklin Hall, Braiden walks to the parking lot. He had been down Kirkwood previously interviewing people for his class.
In the backseat of the van, he sits quietly waiting till he reaches his destination. Braiden is a native of Bloomington and so some of the scenery was familiar to him.
After eating at Culver's, he takes out his notepad to start interviewing the owner, John Lakowski. As a native, this isn't his first time eating at this Culver's.
The subject of Braidens interview and also the owner of the Culver's, John Lakowski tells his story to the sportscasting class. He was a former NBA player who played 2 seasons for the Chicago Bulls.
After a rainy bus ride, Braiden and the sports casting class return to a classroom in Spruce Hall. His instructor asked his class to review what they learned from the interview.
Class ends at 4:10 and Braiden walks to his next destination. He contributed a lot during both morning and evening classes.

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