Bias Carlos cordova


Many times certain facts or details are cut out of the story and other facts could be included

This picture leaves out how or why the president and president elect are of to rocky start

Story's that are chosen to be put in the front of newspapers are usually seen as more important then the stories in the back

Front cover of a news paper
Back cover

Photos that can influence or persuade us to think a certain way of something.

The picture of trump persuades to think he is immature, rude, and not stable.
Names and titles
  • The way a person or event is described can influence how we thinks

"Trump, a non-experienced politician, is running for president or the United States"

The quote described a reason to not vote for trump


Numbers and statistics can be used to manipulate and change the way we think about something

"The florist only had 400 flowers to choose from"

"The florist had over 390 flowers to choose from"

Word choice

The words and tone of voice can influence a story. Using positive or negative words can change how we ell about the news/story.

The words used are criticizing Obama critics, and Romney himself.
controlling the source

Where does the story originate?

Who is the source of the story?

Whose point of view are you hearing or reading?

Sources are important! You cannot trust all sources

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