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Who are we?

  • We are the newest recycling company in Spain. We are based in Barcelona and we have over 100 employees. We work with thousands of other companies to ensure that more and more people start to recycle products that no longer use. For example: an iPhone, old sunglasses, a TV, and many other products from every category and industry you could think of.
"Recycling plant in Barcelona"

Members: Our CEO is Marco Alemán and our Co-CEO is Alejandro Martí.

How do we work?

As you probably know, we are in almost every online page which has something to do with the selling and delivery of products, for example: Amazon, Ebay, and many other online shops. In every tangible good webpage inside Spain and Portugal, we have at the checkout, our little space where you can send us your old product and we will make you a discount on the new product. By doing this, we ensure that the person uses all the products he owns and the remaining ones can be handled by us and will end up in a saver and environmentally friendly place.

"You will find us at every checkout!"

Our Social Media Strategies

Recy-all as a company has been considering many types of Social Media Strategies and at the end we have found the best fitting ones for our profile. In order to make our business more dynamic, we will be using: Youtube (to show how we work, recycle and where the products end up), Podcasts (to explain verbally how customers should proceed to recycle and use our platform to get huge discounts in their new products), we will be also featured in famous influencers around Spain and Portugal, Create our own forums. Apart from these Strategies, we will be using the classic (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to advertise our company and grow during the next years.

YOUTUBE - Video Sharing

With more than 700 million unique visitors a month, YouTube can be a powerful platform for marketing a business online. We will include a keyword-researched headline, a clear message and a call to action such as telling the viewer to use our services. While you can spend a small fortune on cameras, lighting equipment and editing software, the camera built into your smartphone should be able to capture suitable online video. In this platform, we will show the viewers how a day in the plant looks like, what steps should they use to send us their old products or even to know how to determine if the products they have are old enough to be sent or not. Here below you can see a video of one of the machines recy-all uses to open apart an iPhone and separate its pieces.

PODCASTS - A better undestanding

Recy-all will be all over Spain´s radio stations. We will be introducing our services over the radio so that everyone can listen to them. From people driving, from people sitting at the hairdresser will be able to know about our product and most importantly, how to use it. Podcasts, as well as Youtube videos are free of use but the incredible advantages about products are: First of all you don´t need an internet connection to listen to the radio and Second, Podcasts can be saved anywhere for users to listen to them.

"Podcasts Icon"


Recy-all at the end is helping maintain the environment and make the resources we have less unavailable. Therefore, we will be contacting Instagram Influencers, Bloggers, and even celebrities to talk about us. This will help tremendously as many people copy exactly what these people do and they usually are their role models.


FORUMS - Interaction with people

Forums will provide us with constructive critics and will make our relationship with customers closer. These will make increase our trust and we will inform them about where their products go, special offers, and much more!


Knowing that most used social media is Facebook, that platform will the first we will use as advertisement. By choosing our targeted audience, the advertisement of the company will appear in the targeted audience’s Facebook feed. By appearing in their feed, they get to have a first contact with the company and start to know that we exist. Facebook also gives us feedback on the advertisements, and lets us know if whether we are having an impact on our targets or not. We will also be able to open our own Facebook page where the goal will be to explain our objectives and missions in order to let the audience know what our real purpose is about and create a community. It will also be a good way to have a direct interaction with the audience.

Instagram will be the next social media we will use to be known. Every day the users of instagram become greater and we think that it is starting to be an interesting platform for advertisement. The advantage that instagram has over other social medias is the authenticity of the accounts, instagram is always looking for fake accounts in order to delete them, which means that the followers we may gain could be fully trusted.

The last social media we will use will be twitter. Even if twitter is becoming less popular every day, some old users maintain their loyalty to Twitter and it will also be an audience we would want to target.

After being known by people, we will have to maintain their attention and give them a reason to become a loyal customer. Which is why online shopping will become an important tool in our marketing campaign.

Since the purpose of our company is to recycle everything, our company will propose, with arrangements with online shopping sites, to have some discounts on the products they are purchasing if the customer sends back an old product.

For example, the first online shopping site we will use would be Amazon. If a customer buys a T-shirt, he can also send back an old T-shirt that he doesn’t use anymore and will, in that way get a discount on the product he is purchasing. That procedure would be a good way to promote recycling. The idea would be to do agreements with most of the online shopping sites and do it with all kinds of products since our company’s purpose is about recycling everything.

Since everyone is using social media, we believe we will get to be very well known all over Spain and later all over Europe. Today, everyone is well aware about the importance of recycling but people don’t really know how to deal with the matter, which is why we think that by the Online Shopping strategy we will give an opportunity to customers to do something about recycling.


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