All about Koalas By heidi


Do you know what a mammal is? A mammal has live babies. It also makes milk for their babies. Mammals are vertebrates. They have a backbone. What mammal is furry, and gray? It is a Koala!

Australian mammal


Koalas colors are gray, and white. If you are a male you have some brown. Koalas are 61-83 cm wide. Koalas have very sharp claws. They use their claws to climb trees.

Close-up hanging Koala


Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus trees are also called gum trees. Koalas get the leaves from the tree. The eucalyptus trees are endangered, because they are being cut down. You can only find the trees in Australia.

Eucalyptus trees

Interesting facts

In a forest that isn't damaged, a Koala can live upto 10 years. In a damaged forest a Koala will only live upto a few months. The population of Koalas is very low. Koalas are not nocturnal. They do not hibernate. The mother Koala has a baby once a year. They are born one at a time. The babies are born from the mothers pouch. The babies are called Joeys. A Joey is as big as a jellybean, when it's born. Joeys can not see well.Their closest relatives are the wombats.

Koala Joey


Koalas live all around Australia. Australia is the sixth biggest country, by land area. 23-24 million people live in Australia, and 80% of them live on the east coast. Australia is divided into 6 states. It is known for it's mining, and production of wool.



There are a lot of animals like the Koalas. I think we should start caring more about these creatures God made. I hope this helped you learn more about Koalas.



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