At HCPS, we adopt a strategic approach to the teaching of times tables, to ensure children can recall their times tables at speed.

How do we approach the teaching of times tables?

We adopt a variety of approaches when teaching times tables, as rote learning isn't enough to allow children to recall times tables at speed.

Each week in year 4 we have a 'Times table of the week'

This allows the children to focus solely on the recall of that times tables, through a variety of methods
take a look at a few of our times tables activities that we use in school. Some of these could also be used at home, particularly the rock, paper...

We dedicate our wednesday afternoon maths session, to the teaching of times tables

Within this session, we will explore the links of our times table of the week in relation to previously learnt times tables.

This allows all children to gain a deeper understanding of this times table and embed mathematical links. Also, children can practise regularly and we continue to challenge children by looking at related division facts.

How does times tables rockstars support our learning?

By accessing Times Tables Rockstars at home, children can develop their recall speed of times tables

we personalise times tables each week, so by selecting the Garage and arena setting, your child will be practising their times table of the week

How do we track, monitor and assess children's progress?

we can track and assess each child's progress through times table rockstars and theIR PERSONALISED, generated heatmaps.

When completing a soundcheck, children will be tested on all times table 12x12.

This gives us their baseline score, a generated heatmap and their average recall speed.

From regular practise in school and at home, your child and their teacher will be able to see their progress in these areas.

Why is it important to promote regular practise of times tables?

By the end of year 4, children should be able to confidently recall and mix all their times tables.

At the end of Year 4, children will complete a statutory multiplication check which determines whether children can fluently recall their times tables.

The multiplication check takes place on-line check and will consist of 25 times tables questions. Your child will have 6 seconds to answer each question. On average, this check should take no longer than 5 minutes.

How can I support my child with their times tables at home?

Although your child will have plenty of time to learn and practise their times tables within school, it is vital that they continue to practise their times tables at home.

through accessing times table rockstars at home daily for just 10 minutes, your child can develop their speed and accuracy of times table recall.
some of our activities shared earlier, can be used at home as they don't require physical resources. a firm favourite with the children is 'Rock, paper...'

How do we celebrate success in school?

Each week, each maths class has their very own Times Table Star of the week. This gives children the recognition for their effort and progress towards learning their times tables.

if you have Any further questions about times tables, then please come to see your child's class teacher.