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Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by! Your family is the most important thing you have, and I am incredibly honored to document this moment in your lives. Time promises one thing: to never come back once it's gone. By making the decision to hold on to this day through photographs and by showing your children their family roots, you have given your family the most precious gift.

“So what is true for life itself is no less true for the universe: knowing where you came from is no less important than knowing where you are going”. - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Why documentary sessions?

Over the years there has been an evolution of family photography - from fake backdrops in a studio (hand raised high here with my family portraits!) to on-location beach shots with matching clothes (can we finally bury the white top and khaki pants or jeans?). We then hit lifestyle sessions which were more relaxed, but somehow we were still missing something - real life. Documentary sessions photograph just this - call it family photojournalism if you will. Documenting your reality in a genuine and authentic way, without guidance, posing or interference is at the heart of day in the life sessions. Here are five simple reasons why a documentary sessions is your best choice for photographing your unique, awesome family:

1. The everyday moments. These are particularly poignant to a day in the life session. There are things that happen during your days that you want to remember about your family more than smile and grins. For example, the way your son runs in from school, and the first thing he does is take off his pretty dirty socks. Or the way the kids sing when they eat dinner, or how they open unnecessarily wide to brush their teeth. Aren't these the moments you want to reflect on in 30 years? Traditional family portraiture can never give you these memories.

2. Absolutely zero expectations. Think of it like this - I’m an old friend coming to hang out with you for the day. I just happen to have a camera. You don’t have to search for wardrobe options, you don’t need to worry about matching, or keeping your kids stain-free (i love stains!). You just have to be you. Your family will quickly forget that I’m making images and you’ll be yourselves, and this is what I want to document for you. For sure there may be some meltdowns, maybe some spills, but that's all ok for me, and whats more important, is that you’ll be happy you documented those moments in years to come.

3. No need to location hunt. You’ve got the perfect backdrop - your home. People don’t realize how integral the walls are around them until they are older and out of the home. The kitchen holds memories of food and family, the living room where the kids camped out to watch movies, the bed in the kids room that they slowly but surely grow out of. The bathroom sink that is too tall for them so they stand on their tippie toes to reach. All these little things are to be remembered and documented. If you're having a one hour documentary session, the location is where your family loves to be. Is that on the beach while you're on vacation? A hike through the mountains? Or perhaps your special place is the movie theatre. There is no especially amazing backdrop, because the only thing marvelous about the images is your family.

4. Wardrobe? What wardrobe! Whatever you already wear! What you wake up in, is what you wear :-) Not kidding! Documentary sessions celebrate your reality and the authenticity of your family. That means you don't need to plan a thing, and that includes your what clothes you are wearing. Such freedom, right?

5. An honest representation of your incredibly unique family. When you hire me to document your family, unlike a traditional family session, we are not limited to one spot. I go where you go. Your life takes you so many places during the day. I’ll join you for school drop offs and pick ups, supermarket runs, restaurants, and anywhere else your family takes you, I’ll be there.

The day in the life documentary session

I know it's hard to have someone come and spend the day in your home, or with you during a family trip, but as difficult as it seems, it's also the easiest thing you can do. Why? Because your family just has to, well.. be.

Day in the Life Sessions are either 4 hours or 6 hours long. They usually begin before the kids wake up. The hours don't need to be consecutive, and we can break it up if the kids go to school. We will chat on the phone about your schedule and find the day that suits your family the best.

Despite what many think about family photojournalism, I am not a fly on the wall. Although after a few short minutes you will forget I'm photographing you, I am heavily involved! I chat (a lot), ask tons of questions, play with the kids, engage in conversation with everyone, and generally, become part of the family. Additionally, Day in the Life Sessions are not only confined to the home. I go with you for school drop offs and/or pick ups, grocery store runs, piano lessons, swimming lessons, football lessons, dentist appointments, restaurants, movies - anywhere you go with your family during our session, I'm right there documenting it for you.

As a family photojournalist, I do not tamper with anything in the scene. This means I don't move things around, nor do I turn on or off lights, and I definitely won't ask, "hey, can you just do that again?". Whether I am documenting your everyday life, or a family vacation, you literally do not have to lift a single finger!

One Hour Documentary Session

One hour documentary sessions can be held anywhere. During our consultation we will discuss activities that your family will be engaging in during the session, and this will guide us for the location. It can be on a boat, at the beach, on a particular street or even in your vacation home. I'm ready to document your family anywhere. During these sessions, 15 minutes is dedicated to posed family formal group photos, and the rest of our time is spent purely documenting your time together.

Day in the Life Documentary Collections

The session fee of $200.00 is due at the time of booking to secure your date. The session fee includes the time and talent of the photographer, the skype consultation, photographing the 4 or 6 hour day in the life documentary session, the hand editing of the images in your gallery, as well as the online gallery. The session fee does not include digital image files or products.

Collection 1

6 hours coverage


All high resolution digital images {150-200} downloadable via password protected online gallery.

25% off additional prints

1 year online image gallery access and gallery mobile app

Collection 2

4 hours of coverage


All high resolution digital images {100-150} downloadable via password protected online gallery.

20% off additional prints

1 year online image gallery access and gallery mobile app

One Hour Documentary Family Session

$200.00 Session Fee to secure your desired date

Collection 1


All high resolution digital images {40-50} downloadable via password protected online gallery.

15% off additional prints

30 day online gallery access

Collection 2


10% off additional prints

7 high resolution digital prints downloadable via password protected online gallery

The not so fine print

*postage fees apply if shipping prints and products internationally

*prices are subject to change without notice

*sessions held outside of Barbados are subject to travel fees and all travel expenses

*in fairness to all my valued clients, rates are non-negotiable

Your day, in a book

The family heirloom book is the best way to preserve this day. Many returning clients have created Family Volume books.

*prices available upon request

Additional Studio Finished Prints

5 x 7 $25

8 x 10 $40

11 x 14 $60

12 x 18 $90

16 x 20 $130

All studio finished prints are sized and given that extra bit of TLC for printing.

*additional sizes available on request

I'm ready for you to document my family and preserve our memories! What's next?

All sessions are held Monday - Saturday. In order to hold your desired date, the session fee must be paid along with the signed contract. Your date is only reserved once both have been received. We will schedule a consultation via skype where I will meet your family and discuss the goals for your session. The Collection fee must be paid on the day of your session.

I highly encourage my clients to invest in family books and prints. The images will mean nothing on the computer, trust me on this one. I work with an amazing print lab, and make it super easy for you to purchase additional prints. Simply use the shopping cart icon on the images in your gallery.

Let me introduce myself

Howdy! Lovely to meet you! If we meet, I'd love to hear all about you- until then, here's a bit about me:

I'm a mommy to two girls (little women), Ella and Adi, two rescue furries, Ciccio and Napoleon, five turtles and wife to a pretty handsome guy.

I love to dance, I am the first and last gal on the dance floor (can't speak to my rhythm, however).

I think tattoos are fabulous. They tell the story of our lives- I have seven, and I know I'll be getting more.

I am not a fan of capital letters.

I despise the word "spoiled."

My favorite movies are The Goonies, Ratatouille, and Love Actually. I have seen them at least 100 times (not kidding).

Not traveling and seeing the world is my biggest fear- that, and white lizards and frogs.

I moved around a lot as a kid - all over Ontario,Canada, to Newfoundland and back. As an adult, I lived in Irvine, California for a bit. Life changed on me, and I followed my heart, and my career, to Turin, Italy. It was the best time of my life.

I am a trained criminologist with a law degree. I gave it up for a new path.

I have a soft spot and huge respect for children and the elderly. Kids give us fantastic stories from their imagination, the older folks give us fantastic stories from their lives.

I am a surfer- a stubborn longboarder who refuses to give up on my nine-footer.

I am a coffee guzzler and book devourer.

If I could live off of seafood (shrimp & lobster), I would.

I think I'm pretty funny. I have a knack for cracking up at my own jokes. I am a huge dork, and an even bigger goofball, you'll see.

I sincerely think laughter is the best medicine, for absolutely everything.

That's me in a nutshell. I cannot wait to laugh with you!

And this is my crew

Thanks for stopping by

Talk to you soon!

email or call to chat about documenting your precious family. Photographing the moments that define you is an honor and a privilege.

Your interest is greatly appreciated.

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