Bambo the story of a guy in nyc

Bambo is born in NYC and people start calling him the "prince" of the city.

His cousin thumper, who is a couple years older than him helps bambo learn the basics of life like walking and other living animals.

This is flower, Bambo's friend who is always spaced out

Eventually he meets a girl named Faline in the middle of the street and they become friends.

All of a sudden when he and his mom are walking in the street she was shot and killed by the Russian mafia for some reason.

His Dad (who is a cop) takes Bambo to his home and has to explain that his mother is gone.

Awhile later, Bambo, Thumper and Flower are teens and they promise each other that they will never fall in love and leave each other, but Thumper and Flower immediately break that promise and walk away with girlfriends.

Bambo is feeling lonely, but he eventually startys to date Faline.

Another boy starts to hit on Faline but Bambo beats him up until he goes away.

Later in their lives, Bambo and Faline grow up and have a family together and live happily ever after.



Created with images by Ronile - "statue of liberty new york ny" • Doug Kline - "WonderCon 2011 - Three Musketeers panel - Logan Lerman" • cliff1066™ - "Shaquille O'Neal" • Ivo Duran - "Zac Efron @ Sao Paulo - Brazil" • Starcadet - "Arnold Schwarzenegger" • Iselines - "Love" • Iroas - "love"

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