Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History Erin Yoo

Mangrove Boardwalk Exhibit

Nature on Display: When I first entered the Mangrove Boardwalk Exhibit there was a sense of calm as if I was actually outside. The exhibit drew me in and reunited me with the actual sounds and feel of being in a mangrove. The life-like bird replicas and trees added to the ambiance and truly allowed me to immerse myself in the environment. If this was instead a painting, I wouldn't have actually felt like I was taking a casual stroll through the mangroves with birds whistling around me. The inclusion of sound was what especially caught my attention and made the experience less of just my imagination.

Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit

Nature and Ethics: The Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit was an eye-catching and beautiful point in the museum. It most definitely captured what Leopold wanted us to experience as we're thrust into a delicate world of live-action nature. When I walked into the exhibit I was honored with the ability to watch as butterflies went about their business, and as a guest to their home I was only there to watch and not "conquer". As I went through the exhibit I began to take in what was around me, the sounds, the atmosphere, and the insects. The rainforest allowed me to truly "love, respect, and admire" what was laid out before me and how nature has a beating heart of its own.

Underwater Walk-Through Exhibit

Nature and the Human Spirit: I've always enjoyed going through science and natural history museums because they take the path you walk on and transform it into an interactive way to escape reality. Florida's Natural History Museum is no exception to this magic. The enclosed exhibits are not so enclosed once I step into them and instead open my mind to what I can't always see in everyday life. Museums like this help us realize that the everyday world has more beauty, especially when we can't see much of it. It's ability to give us a closer look into the things we can't always see with the naked eye allows us to come face to face with the majesty of nature. These buildings give us portals to understanding the mystery within nature as we walk through each exhibit one by one.


Photo credits to Federico Roye & Erin Yoo

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