The 3-2-1. Tech @ CSD: News & Tips for Teachers

Today is Sunday, March 19, 2017. #BracketBusted. You?

On these pages, you'll find:

  • the TOP 3 technology ideas we're thinking about this week,
  • 2 TIPS to help things work a little better in your classroom, and
  • the SINGLE issue that is keeping us from technological greatness.

This week's TOP3.

  • Achieving technological greatness. In the past 3 or 4 years, we've devoted a lot of time to the back-end (read: hidden) weaknesses in our technology infrastructure. I'm declaring near-victory there, so now we can turn our focus fully to the user experience you see rather than the mystical pipes and wires that are so critical to making it all work. To that end, please take a moment to weigh in on the survey linked below and tell us what you think remains to be addressed on the road to greatness. (I reserve the right to declare additional steps toward greatness as we make them . . . Stay tuned.) Please complete your survey this week.
  • More behind the scenes greatness: On Friday with no interruption in service, we installed a brand new, much higher capacity server in the 565 server racks. The location is of little importance but the combination of this upgrade with the previous upgrade last year (located in the HS rack) finally addresses one of the remaining key vulnerabilities to our network. The old servers were as old as Joy and me . . . And far less spry. We have dodged multiple bullets over the years with those two dogs (not Joy and me). Rejoice.
  • Reusing those old, creepingly slow desktops: Remember that if you're now using a new Chromebook as your teacher device, we plan to do a round-up of the desktop monsters in your resource rooms and classrooms this summer. Please make sure you've moved critical files that you saved locally (C:// drive) to the Google Drive before the beginning of June. We will spend the summer rebuilding the desktops that can be saved and repurpose them as drivers for Promethean Boards, projectors and attendance kiosks in your rooms.


  • If you have one of those old (or slightly less old!) desktops in your room, plugged via Ethernet cord into the wall . . . Please leave it turned on over the weekend when you leave next Friday. Nucentric will be pushing updated anti-virus and anti-malware software to those devices. This push does not include Chromebooks. (They update themselves and do not allow you or the bad guys to store anything on the device itself.) The push also does not cover your personally owned devices. (It's always a good idea to make sure that the anti-virus and anti-malware software on devices you own is up to date. Ask us. We can show you how to check.
  • (From last week) Apple devices can get a little finicky over time with signing on to WiFi: If your Apple device stubbornly refuses to throw you the WiFi sign-in page, do two things. First, assure yourself the device does see the network by looking at that little ))) indicator at the top right to see if it is filled in--that is, there are few or no grayed-out bars in the indicator. Next, turn your device off completely and turn it on again. Sometimes they truly just need that hard little smack to wake them up.


MISSED It by that much.

We have concluded our review of the WiFi access points at both schools. We are aware as a result of this review that over the summer we may need to upgrade a few obsolete APs to improve performance across both buildings. Everything (and everybody!) ages . . . We will continue to keep an eye on AP performance and upgrade as necessary. Stay tuned this summer!

Don't forget: wired pcs and laptops, CSD.local domain, wireless or wired Internet connection, etc. AND SEND A SCREENSHOT!!!!!! (Know that we will poke back and insist on a screenshot. It is the most efficient way to help us diagnose what's up.)

Tech Team Students are available for triage and diagnosis ONLY. Please do not tempt them to make changes to your device! They remain on provisional licenses only!

See you next week!
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