Impossible Futures The Epistemology of imagination

I live in Hawaii.

Every morning, I wake up before the sun to surf.

And every evening, I sit on the sand and watch the sun set with my husband. 

My family and I eat a raw vegan, plant-based diet. 

And when the feeling strikes, we take our rocket ship...

... and have picnics on the moon.

"You're thirty years old."

"What does your life look like?"

"You can have whatever you want. Push the bounds of your imagination as far as you can. Nothing is outside the box.

In fact, there is no box."

That's the question I asked. 

"... I live in a very modern home. A lot of white. But to contrast that, dark wood floors. I've still got bangs. I walk around my kitchen and I'm wearing black jeans, loafers, a white t-shirt, and my hair is in a ponytail. I'd be off of work by now, so I get some wine to take to the living room. I'm the type to take work home with me, so I sit on the couch, prop my feet on the ottoman, and pull out some papers. I have a dog, only one. She's medium sized, [with] long silky hair. Think border collie mixed with sheepdog. She's really light on her feet and she just hops on the couch with me. We stay like that for a couple [of] hours and then I take her for a walk. We live in an area with lots of hills, and when we come back home we eat dinner (some pre-made thing because I don't have time to cook during the week). I hop in the shower, get into my pjs, watch Netflix, and then sleep."

- Stephanie, 19, Psychology Major

When it comes to our futures, how much imagination is necessary? How much is too little? Too much? Does a "limited imagination" make some hopes for the future impossible?

Created By
Angelica Dickerson


Created with images by chrishawaii - "waterfall maui vacation" • Pexels - "beach man ocean" • TMDaub - "sunrise sunset fern" • JayD Photography - "mango" • skeeze - "atlantis space shuttle launch reflection" • Jacopo Marcovaldi - "Fly me to the moon"

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