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I'm not a trainspotter. I'm not even a rail enthusiast. I just like steam locomotives and there's a surprising amount of them to be seen around Edinburgh if you know where to look. These locomotives (not trains, trains are what the loco pulls...) run several tours around the country all year and on occasion visit Edinburgh and if you're lucky, cross the Forth Bridge as well.

Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman on the Forth Bridge

The most famous of the lot, the Flying Scotsman. It caused quite the stir when it ran on the mainlines for the first time in years last year, people turned out in droves to see it and when it visited Edinburgh it was no different. The times were kept out the pubic view (although plenty found out when it was due) and a helicopter ran ahead of it to make sure the line was clear. Fantastic to see it and it's coming back this year.

Crossing the Forth Bridge south, where's the steam!

The Tornado

The Tornado on the Forth Bridge

60163, The Tornado is a regular visitor to the Edinburgh area, you can usually catch this particular loco a few times a year. It's very different to the others featured on this page as the Tornado is a NEW locomotive. Yes, it was built new, starting in 1994 and being completed in 2008. The baby of the bunch but an impressive sight.

The Tornado heading South on the Forth Bridge after a mid water fireworks display

Passing through Dalmeny Station

A rarer shot, passing through Kingsknowe Station on it's way to Edinburgh from down South

Heading South into Dalmeny Station from the Forth Bridge

Looking along the tracks of the Forth Bridge from Dalmeny

North Queensferry Station nearly being blocked from view / Sitting in Waverley Station / Seen crossing under Slateford Road in it's older blue livery

Union of South Africa

Union of South Africa entering North Queensferry

60009 the Union of South Africa is another regular visitor to Edinburgh, it's also seen fairly regularly on the Borders Railway. One of 6 Greasly A4 class loco's still surviving the Union of South Africa is a sister loco to the famous Mallard. Another A4 class, The Sir Nigel Greasly also visited Edinburgh last year but somebody made a total mess of getting to the location in time....

On the Forth Bridge
Looking along the Forth Bridge

The Black 5's

Passing through Kingsknowe Station

The Black 5 is a class of loco all of it's own, also known as a London Midland and Scottish Railway Class 5 4-6-0, Black 5 will do. There are quite a few of these about and are frequent visitors to Edinburgh.

Passing through Kingsknowe Station

Heading North onto the Forth Bridge

Showboating for the waiting crowd crossing Ingles Green Road as seen from the Slateford viaduct

The Jacobite

The Jacobite

The Jacobite is the steam pulled service that runs from Fort William to Mallaig during the summer months, various Black 5 loco's provide the pulling power. The route crosses the Glenfinnan Viaduct made famous in the Harry Potter films as the Hogwart's Express crosses the distinctive curved structure.

Seen from ground level at Glenfinnan
The loco can't turn around at Mallaig so on the return journey it's on back to front!

I mentioned trainspotters and train enthusiasts at the start of the page but "Grant" I hear you cry, " it's surely the same thing?" Actually no. Every train enthusiast I've ever met are pleasant, chatty, only to willing to explain about the loco to a layman like myself. Trainspotters though are a very different species, next time a steam loco is heading south over the Forth Bridge you'll find them at the end of the Dalmeny platform, I'll let you make your own mind up... ;o)

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