KCLO3-->KCL+O2 Evan L. and logan h.

Our reaction is an example of decomposition, which makes it endothermic. Our reaction is endothermic because energy is required to be taken in for decomposition to happen and an endothermic reaction is a reaction where energy(heat) is taken in.

This is our reaction when balanced

This chemical equation is specified as decomposition because the elements break down into a simpler product.

In the reaction video, the scientist puts a flame over a tube of potassium chlorate. The gas condenses and rises out of the test tube.

Our reaction is endothermic because it is a decomposing reaction and in decomposition heat is required. An endothermic reaction is a reaction is when heat is being taken in. In our reaction the heat from the flame (generally under the test tube) is absorbed which makes it condense and fog up the tube.

Our reaction is neither an acid or a base. It is neutral. It did not cause a change in color on either piece litmus paper.



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