The 10th Annual Magic Mountain OHV Safety Fair June 4 - 6, 2021

It was one of those late spring mornings that felt like a mid-summer afternoon. The smell of exhaust and the low rumble of a dozen engines hung in the mountain air. Faces peeked out from behind the helmets of new and veteran riders alike as each prepared themselves for the upcoming course.

The Magic Mountain OHV Safety Fair is comprised of three days of OHV safety and education courses. They are developed for riders of all skill levels and vehicle preference and instructors can often be found leading ATV, motorbike, and UTV classes all in the same day. Or at the same time, as the case may be.

This year, 51 students of varying skill levels received their OHV Education Certificate card, a requirement for riders under 16. Students learned how to control the machine with their own body weight, leaning into turns and corners, and how to properly (and gently) accelerate over obstructions, in this case several large wooden beams. After completing the course, participants went on a trail ride to practice their new found (or sharpened) riding skills.

But perhaps the best part about the Magic Mountain OHV Safety Fair is the comradery. So much more than just a training course, the dedicated volunteers that put this event on each year have become a family, in fact many of them ARE family. Sitting around the campfire after a successful first day, the group swapped stories about the mountain, their experiences, and how great it is to come together each year and share their love for nature and motorsports. And of course, who could forget the hot dogs?

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 10th Annual Magic Mountain OHV Safety Fair! See you next year!