PVC Catapult PULG (Pierce, Lauren, Garrett)

This is one of the two catapults that we used for inspiration in our design.
This is the second catapult that we used for our inspiration.
This is the finished digital design of our catapult, color-coded of what we needed.

Materials: 30ft of PVC pipe, 7 90ยบ connectors, 4 3 way connectors, 1 four way connector.

This is our finished catapult. We swapped the large tarp arm for a simple arm connector.

Equation: y = -0.00023 (x-303) + 26.83, x = 0, y = 6

Initial Questions (questions to answer after the initial launch):

1. Is your catapult launching consistently every time?

No, our catapult is not launching because the basket on the arm is too heavy for the bungee cord. When it launched, it didn't go very far if it launched.

2. What can you change to make the launch consistent?

We changed the basket on the arm so it would actually. We put a connector. Also, we added a front piece with tape to put our bungee cord on to give it more power. And we changed the trajectory with moving the arm back on the base about three times. This helped the trajectory and the distance.

3. What revisions can you make to your catapult to get a launch that goes farther?

4. Where do you need to place your target to hit a bullseye every time?

Final Questions (questions to answer before the final launch):

1. When does your projectile hit the ground according to the equation you found?

2. What is the maximum height of the ball? When did the maximum height occur?

3. What height is your projectile at when it has travelled 6 feet? (You must use your

equation in vertex form to solve for this value)

4. How could you make the maximum height higher and what effect would it have on the path of the projectile? Explain your thinking.

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