Reindeer How they are effected by global warming.

Reindeer live in many places such as norther Asia, Europe, Siberia, Canada, Greenland, Alaska, and some northern states in the united states.

this is a map of where they live. the dark blue is where they live.

Important Information: Global Warming: When there are too many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This causes the earth it get over heated, witch isn't good for living things like reindeer. A way to think of the process is, a glass bowl in the microwave. Think of the microwave as the sun, the bowl and the as the layers of the atmosphere, and the food as the earth. The microwave lets off heat by using the light that is inside of it ( with the help of air vents). This heat goes to the bowl,our atmosphere, and heats it up some does get reflected, some gets absorbed, and some goes to the food (the earth). You can also think of toasters they do the same thing, but they have metal bars instead of a bowl.

this is a microwave with glass bowls.

The ways global warming effects reindeer. Global warming is limiting there food source, lichen, this causes them to not have as much food, the reason the lichen is not growing is that the climate is too warm and the plant is meant to grow in cooler climates. It is also melting their habitats, sense they mostly live in cold areas covered in snow/ice. This also causes the land to be wet from all the ice melting and this is another reason that they are loosing their food source.

this is lichen.

you may have seen the video

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