Portrait Tips

Taking photos outside. The background is a bit distracting, but we can notice that she is outside for her photo.
Leaning against a wall. She is leaning against a brick wall in which the background isn't distracting and let us focus on her who is the main subject of the photo.
Capturing a subject in their environment. The girls are creating posters for a dance class that is required. Participating in this class is an everyday thing for them therefore it's their environment.
Avoid Flash! The light hits just right in a darker area of the school all while avoiding flash on the camera.
Near windows. She isn't directly in front of the window and the sun isn't shinning so bright, all while still avoiding a distracting background. A fault in this photo is you can still see the window.
Moving away from a wall. She is directly in the middle of the hallway, not close to a window.

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