There are two main types of biometric identifiers,

Physical characteristics the shape of the body

  • Physical characteristics used for authentication are fingerprints, DNA, face, hand, retina and ear features
Fingerprint scanners are increasingly popular in phones, tablets and computers.

Apple Products use biometrics in most of their devices, iPhone, iPad and the latest MacBook Pro. these take a picture of the finger rested over the sensor, and compares to the stored images. There are many advantages to biometrics;

  • Nothing to remember, a strong password has to very complex to be secure whereas a fingerprint can be encrypted to make it almost impossible to decrypt.
  • You can login to devices without other people seeing your passcode.
  • Make secure payments using your finger, no one can see your PIN if its encrypted
  • Biometrics are getting more accurate as better technology is invented,

The latest fingerprint technology are ultrasonic scanners, these use a ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. A pulse is transmitted against the finger, some of the pulse is absorbed by the finger and some is bounced back to the sensor, depending on ridges and pores on the finger. This scanner was first shown on the Le Max Pro smartphone. Qualcomm along with its Sense ID technology play a key role in the design of the phone.

The two main issues with biometrics are False Accept Rate (FAR) and False Reject Rate (FRR). False Accept is when a biometric input is wrongly mistaken for another and accepted. False rejection is more common and is when a someone who is authenticated is rejected. To combat this the sensitivity threshold could be lowered but that then raises the chance of FAR happening

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