Severe Weather Formation By jesus Navarro

Hurricanes lose power as they go over land.

Hurricane is the term used in the U.S for these large destructive phenomenons. In other places around the world they have different names: typhoons or cyclones. Hurricanes are very destructive, they have high wind speeds that reach up to 70 mph. The real danger is the water waves that come with. Destroying everything around; this has become more dangerous through out the years because more people are moving into homes around the coasts. So how does a hurricane form? A hurricane requires warm moist air. They need warm ocean water too. Hurricanes only form in tropical weather. Cumulonimbus clouds must form. The winds from different directions will give it enough speed to start its rotating form.

Everyday around the world an average of 45,000 thunderstorms occur.

Thunderstorms are very common. around 2,000 are happening right now. Every year in the U.S 100,000 occur. In order for a thunderstorm to occur you need warm moist air, When the warm air collides with the cold air in the atmosphere it creates lightning and thunder.

The tornado's damage is recorded using the Fujita scale.

A tornado is very damaging. Although, it only lasts for a couple seconds; it destroys everything is crosses. In order for a tornado to form, their must be a thunderstorm first. Like a thunderstorm it starts off as warm, moist air. once the thunderstorm is formed if the winds are strong enough a vortex will form in the center. This is called the mesocyclone stage. Once thats done the tornado will form.


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