Yes Zoos By Morgan J

Imagine what it would be like without Zoos. You wouldn’t be able to see real life animals. Kids wouldn’t be able to learn what real animals look like.Think about that. I think we should have zoos because kids learn valuable information, zoos help save animals, and help teach people about animal habitats.

Animals help children learn. They help them learn what they eat, helps them learn what they look like in real life, etc. I don’t think they should watch them on tv. Instead they should see them in real life.

Zoos save animals from danger. Zoos save Elephants,Tigers, Lions, etc. They save elephants because a lot of people hunt then just for their tusks. They kill lions and tigers for their fur.

I also think it helps teach people about their animal habitats. They learn what their habitats look like. It helps them learn what they eat. It also helps them learn what they eat and drink.

We should have zoos because it helps animals from getting hurt, it helps children learn, and it teaches people what their habitats look like. That is why I think we should have zoos. The world is a better place for people with zoos. Zoos saves animals lives and keep them out of danger.


Created with images by Sponchia - "gorilla silverback animal" • Simone H Smith - "Tiger Rug" • PinkMoose - "lion rug" • Amandad - "elephant tusk ivory"

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