Martin Luther King Jr the man that would die for his equal rights

This man wouldn't give up until he got what he wanted. My research was about Martin Luther King Jr. He wanted equal rights and he wanted to get them nonviolently. Martin Luther King Jr. was an important leader in the Civil Rights Act. This paper will discuss the Civil Rights Movement and the role Martin Luther King Jr had in the bus boycott.

MLK got involved in the bus boycott started by Rosa Parks after she was arrested. Martin Luther King made a plan for a bus boycott. The plan was to stop riding the buses so the bus company would change the rules because they were not making any money.This is important because it shows Martin Luther King thought Rosa Parks did the right thing and he wanted to help make a change happen in the buses.He planned for the boycott and wanted that to be a peaceful refusal to ride the buses.
When Mr. King was 15 he was admitted to a Morehouse College before he completed high school. The whole summer he spent his time on a tobacco farm in the north and he was amazed by how peaceful it was there. Because of his time on the tobacco farm he saw blacks and whites would get to sit together in a restaurant. He was so surprised by this that he sent notes to his mom about it
Mr. King was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize because he fought against oppression nonviolently. Mr. King was awarded this prize because of speaking for black people. His efforts helped put an end to segregation and discrimination.
Martin Luther King was assassinated by James Earl Ray. Police hunted James Earl Ray down for three months they found him in Heath row Airport. This is important because if he wouldn't have stood up and fought for freedom there would not have been freedom for whites and blacks. Martin Luther King mattered and if he was still alive to this day he might of changed more thing for people
A girl with a mental illness stabbed Martin Luther King Jr with a letter opener in 1958 in a Harlem book store. The injury was so close to a major artery that if he sneezed he could have died.

By Elijah Dillin Lee Richard


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