Yoga for Busy People Ten minutes a day. 40 days. transform your life.

Imagine a transformative yoga practice you can do in just ten minutes a day.

Yoga isn't just for super-flexible 20-somethings. Yoga is for everybody at every age.

Do you want to be strong, flexible, balanced? Have better mental focus? Sleep better?


Your teacher, Teal Chimblo Fyrberg, has been teaching yoga for over 20 years.


17 fun lessons that combine videos, audio recordings, readings and activities.

Two practice days in between each new lesson — so you really get the material into your body and have time to integrate what you are experiencing.

A Yoga Toolkit of daily yoga practices that take only TEN minutes a day, but give you deep and lasting benefits.

Daily emails with your lesson — just click on the link and get started!

Amplify your practice with daily, Off Your Mat And Into Your World suggestions, so you know how to take what you've learned and use it in your daily life.

The practical tools, methods and energetic magic necessary to create Sacred Space and Time for your self.

A pranayama practice (breathing techniques) that will relieve stress, increase focus and clarity and ignite your prana (vital energy).

Safe, proper alignment instruction in basic yoga asana (postures) and pratapana (warm-up exercises), that will build your flexibility, strength and balance, while eliminating stress and anxiety.

Learn how to take care of your spine physically, and how to tap into the energetic power within it.

Unlock the ancient alchemy of mantras and mudras.

Learn to meditate (even if you thought you never could.)

Cultivate unconditional self-love and banish the negative voices that are sabotaging your life.

Learn proper cultivation and care of your Pelvic Bowl, and why it is a powerhouse of energy for your body, mind and spirit.

Develop a deeper connection to yourself and your personal Divine.

Gain insight and clarity into the meaning of your life and your Soul Path.

Sit back (or lay down!) and enjoy guided meditations that will take you to deep layers of consciousness.

Go back to being a carefree kid! Re-discover the art of play.

Learn how rituals works to overcome the deepest, most long-standing blocks in our psyche. You’ll practice a hands-on ritual that will bust through blockages that have been holding you back at the deepest levels.

Learn how to take the your Yoga Toolkit to the next level with a lesson on the Art of Yoga Sequencing, so you can put the items in your Yoga Toolkit together into longer practices.

Gain a tribe of wild-hearted souls who are on this journey with you. Support each other and have fun along the way.

Plus, two BONUS lessons that teach you how to incorporate stones and crystals into your yoga practice based on the principles of Taoist Stone Medicine.

And more...

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