AfricanShrineStudio In Planet-earth-Studio-Berlin

Guitar Amp - Musicman (full tube) 100 Watt

Guitars, Basses & Stands

32 Channel Mackie Mixer

For 12 Musicians independent monitor paths

Mixer is compatible on the I-Pad & I-Phone

Room in Room-Construction-Acustic-Box for voices, brass, drums,, amps.........

Outside Area Of Planet Earth Studios Berlin.

Adress: Rummelsburger Landstraße 32, Berlin 12459

It’s also a great area for music-&-art-videos

We can offer you professional audio & video recordings

Audio-Credentials: SattaTree Album - No Fear


See the studiobox. Actually we got 2 rooms.

See the natural absorber.

Jimmy I Muze & Miguel Alejandro Lagos Miranda say: YOU ARE WELCOME