Heather Irvine CAS Highlights

Heather Irvine graduated from EMU with a BA in Electronic Media Film Studies and a MA in Communication. As an undergrad Heather was an active member of ETV, and as a graduate student worked as a grad assistant worked both in Ford Studio and for the communication department. One of her many fond moments at EMU comes from her first meeting with a counselor to determine what academic path she was going to follow at EMU. “Coming back to college it seemed like such a major hurdle. It felt like I was entering a huge room and had no idea where to go. The counselor asked me what I was interested in and pointed me in the direction of Electronic Media and Film Studies. Fast forward to Intro to Video Production taught by Keith Dameron, and it felt like something had cracked open for me, that this is what I wanted to do, and that’s what college is all about. I’m glad that Eastern provided me that opportunity to figure that out.”

Heather is proud of the work she was able to accomplish with her time at Eastern, including her work with ETV, NPR, her graduate project, and much more. She is also the recipient of the 2016 Student Gold Medallion Award for Outstanding Leadership. Her proudest moment however comes from her undergrad graduation, “It took a while to get there, and sitting in the commencement ceremony, knowing the video crew, my family being there for me… all of graduation day was so special. But going to pick up my diploma wrapped it all together, I just had this piece of paper that said I had done it. and I had done it well.” Heather also has some advice for students. “Find your people. This is your time to go out of circles you’ve been in before and discover who you are. In anything you want to do well it's not just what you do during the time you're supposed to be doing it, it's what you do outside that time with others. Don’t just punch your card. Contribute. Because it is worth every ounce of energy.”