Mountain Weasels from Pakistan By: Tashmia Islam

Introduction: Mustela altaica's are mostly found in central and east Asia, with a range comprising in China, Pakistan, the Himalaya in India, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan. This species's altitudinal use varies across its range. It primarily lives in high elevated environments, as well as rocky tundra, alpine meadows, dry steppes, plains, bushes and grassy woodlands. In Pakistan , it is mostly found in a city called Kashmir.

Map of endangered animals found in Asia!

Ecosystem: Most areas of Pakistan are hugely biodiversed. It is filled with many endangered animals and great chances of them being extinct. Such as, the Markhor (national animal of Pakistan) and Asian black bears. The location is changing numerous times, which is going out of control and makes them have to look for new shelter where ever they go. Reports have revealed how some animals are no where to be found in Kashmir.

Bio-geographic Region: palearctic, native. It is listed as an endangered animal. Mountain weasel's are defined as a native specie because it's mostly found in North-east India, The proximity of some records in Pakistan to Afghanistan shows how there will be more threats due to low range and habitat.

Pakistan , Kashmir.

Pakistan has 12 different biomes. The species's range also constitutes an area where recent climate change and predicted future change in climate could substantially reduce the habitat.

Population Status: The species is common but not abundant throughout its range. Population density fluctuates depending on prey abundance by 4 or 5 times. It is threatened and endangered

Interesting Facts

Latin Name: Mustela altaica

Location: Pakistan

Color: Brown

Length : 22 - 29 cms (8.7 - 11.4 inches)

Tail :9 -15 cms (3.5 - 5.9 inches)

Weight :122 - 350 g (4.3 - 12.3 oz)

Life Expectancy: 7-10 years

Near Threatened

Population trend: Decreasing

Origin: Endangered Specie/Native

Class: Mammal

Order: Carnivore

Habitat: Mountain Weasels can be found in the mountainous areas of Asia at altitudes up to 3,500 m (11,480 ft)

Habitat and Ecology: The mountain weasel lives chiefly in mountains at elevations up to 3,500 m or more.

Habitat Regions: temperate terrestrial

Terrestrial Biomes: tundra taiga, desert, or dune forest mountains.

Other habitat features: agricultural

Major threats: This species is vulnerable because of the continuing habitat conversion across most of its home range. These things seem to be going out of control with climate changes. Most critically, there are actions in the population control of their main prey Pika, which is a small plant eater mammal. , which has eradicated the weasel's main food from large areas such as Kashmir and Lahore.

Food Habits: They primarily feed on pikas and voles; they have an important ecological role in reducing or limiting the population numbers of these rodents. Along with the pikas and voles, they are also known to eat muskrats, rabbits, ground squirrels, small birds, lizards, frogs, fish, and insects.


Predators: Their main predators likely are large birds. Some terrestrial predators could include wolves and foxes.


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