Basketball The best Sport you every heard of

Description: The History of Basketball

Basketball is one of America's most famous sport and it all started in 1891. Dr. James Naismith is the person who invented basketball. It all started in Springfield. Massachusetts where Dr. Naismith faced a problem in finding a game that could be played inside, so the students at School for Christian Workers had something to do during Massachusetts winter. He wanted to make a game that didn't rely just on strength, but skill. Mr. Naismith came up with basketball. To begin with the first game was played with a small soccer ball and two big peach baskets that were used for goals.

This is a picture of Dr. James Naismith who was the creator of basketball

Problem and Solution: Ankle Injuries

While playing basketball players put a lot of pressure on their ankles and that is why ankle injuries are very common in basketball. This is the problem, that there are too many ankle injuries in basketball. To solve this problem there are many ways to reduce the chance of ankle injuries such as wearing braces when you play, improve balance, strengthen your ankles, and stretching your foot before you play.

Left: Lakers player with a hurt ankle Right: ankle brace that can help prevent ankle injuries in basketball

Sequence: How to properly shoot a basketball

When you first catch the ball, you want to catch it with both hands, one of them should be placed on the back of the ball and the other one should be gently touching the side of the ball keeping it steady. Then move your dominate foot slightly in front of your other foot and bend your knees. Next, slowly raise your hand that is on the back of the ball and let the ball slide passed your other hand. Finally, add force to the ball with your shooting hand and once you are about to let the ball fly into the air, flick your wrist.

Cause and Effect: Fouls

A foul is an illegal physical contact with another player. There are many different types of fouls such as shooting, offensive, technical, and flagrant fouls. If you get any of these kinds of fouls, then the other team gets an advantage in the game which may include shooting free throws, getting the ball back, or sometimes even both of those things. If you get a foul not only does the other team get an advantage, but you get a foul called on you and once you get 5 fouls in a game, then you can't play the rest of the time.

Left: South Carolina player gets a shooting foul Right: Miami Heat player gets a shooting foul

Compare and Contrast: The NBA and the WNBA

The NBA and the WNBA are very similar, but they are also very different. They are similar because they are both pro basketball leagues and have the same rules. They are also things that are different between the NBA and the WNBA such as salary, length of the three point line, and how long the games are. The average salary for a NBA player is $4.9 million and for the WNBA it is $72,000. The length of the three point line is also different because for the NBA it is 23 feet, 9 inches and for the WNBA it is 19 feet, 9 inches from the basket. Another big difference is the time, for the NBA they have four 12-minute quarters and for the WNBA they have two 20-minute halves.

Left: Three NBA players which are James, Curry, and Harden Right: Three WNBA player which are Taurasi, Catchings, and Thompson


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