Our adventure Jerom, Pepe and Daddy Hugo

The experience started since the airport. When everybody were talking. Then, our friends and we climb to the airplane. it was very fantastic.
When we arrived to Monterrey I thinked that there would be cold, but it was to 24°.
Between the 3:30 pm at 4:00 the bus arrived. The bus would go us to Campus Torreón and started the adventure of the bus challenge.
Thought that we would work in the bus, but it is no true. the internet is very bad, the armchairs are uncomfortable and there was not connectors to laptop. so, we just talk and sleep for 5 hours.
In Torreon we work very heavy, we sleep just 3 hours because we had that finish our pich. it was tired.
In the morning everybody breakfasted and then we went to Monterrey for finished the first stage of bus challenge.
My team was disqualified in the first stage and thanks to that I amused more, because I had more time.
Ours too.. je
Our teams went to the park (bosque magico) there took to the games. Also we went to eat hamburgers. in general it was a day very amazing.
In the night, the men´s went to d´club, we danced, we drank, we smoke, etc. It was a very night. but in the morning we had to have get up for incMty.
And we received the enterprising bolt jajaja... Ese David Noel es un loquillo XdxDX.
In general, i had fun in Monterrey and i would want repeat the travel.
and so...


Our adventure

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