Southern Colonies By: Soleil k.

If you want to get tan have freedom and money come down to the southern Colonies with me.


Catholics were treated very poorly that's why a man named Cecilius Calvert founded Maryland for a better place for Catholics. The rest of the Southern were a good place for Puritans.


In the Southern Colonies they have very good soil, Warm Weather and longer growing seasons. Witch means that you will make more money on growing seasons.


In Southern Colonies the in have very large economy that includes Farming, slave trade, shipping, rice, Fishing, Tobacco, Indigo, Cotton and Wheat,but in the New England colonies they have way shorter growing seasons so they cant grow a lot of food. So that means they don't make as much money on plants and crops as the southern colonies.


The Southern Colonies have a very pretty and fantastic beach. The beach is 2.45 miles long.

Created By
Soleil K


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