COVID-19 Update for 4/28 BY: grinesa bajrami

#1 The Current Count

Around the world, there have been 3,116,680 confirmed cases, with 217,168 of those leading to death. In the United States, there have been 1,034,588 confirmed cases, with 58,955 of those leading to death. In Nevada, there have been 4,690 confirmed cases, with 219 of those leading to death. 

#2 In the United States

The United States has the most reported COVID-19 cases in the world, with over one million cases. With this, comes a high death toll. In the United States, the death toll from COVID-19 is higher than the U.S. death toll during the Vietnam war.

#3 In Nevada

Nevada has joined the western state pact, in an effort to reopen certain businesses. Governor Steve Sisolak has announced that by working with these states, the economy of Nevada can improve quicker and cities can bounce back.

#4 In Other News

Lebanon has become the first Arab country to legalize medical marijuana. Since Lebanon was established as the third highest producer of illegal marijuana in the Middle East, researchers have estimated that legalizing medical marijuana could bring the country over a million dollars a year.

#5 If You're Bored

Although this may be a stressful time, focusing on self care is very important. Whether it be trying new skin care routines or journaling, it is important to focus on personal improvement.


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