My Hootsuite Experience Jordan Shim

I officially received my Certificate of Achievement from Hootsuite on April 13. My experience from this has been amazing. When I first came into Dr. Freberg's Social Media course, I didn't expect the course to be like this. Analytics never crossed my mind, nor did I have any idea that they were companies such as Hootsuite that took the analytics of social media as seriously as they did.

One of the biggest things I took from this is how easy Hootsuite makes managing social media platforms. Linking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. accounts is super easy, the learning curve for grasping the Hootsuite system is slight to say the least. When all platforms are linked and the settings are made, I could post content at all platforms with a single click. What this also enables users is they are able to like, comment, message whoever from Hootsuite. They may never have to open the individual social media platform again with this tool! It is extremely convenient and the fact this exists and people who aspire to delve into social media do not know about this is a disservice to them. Knowing how to operate Hootsuite, or any tool similar to the concept of Hootsuite is an absolute must.

My favorite lesson was learning the fundamentals of Hootsuite. When I first came upon Hootsuite, I was intimidated by the concept of having the power to run all social media accounts in one powerful app. On top of that, analytics was easily accessible. Learning how to navigate through this app was a great experience for me and showed me that even such an amazing tool as Hootsuite was also manageable to learn. Learning everything at once seems like information overload, but getting the hang of things isn't difficult.

Everyone. Everyone who wants to learn more about social media will benefit greatly from this. It could even help people who are not going into this field because they can learn more about the content they post. They have more awareness of what to post, know who to target and how to properly target them with the geo-stream tool that was covered in one of the lessons.

What I would suggest to improve the certification process would be to provide more quiz questions at the end of the lesson. To have two questions on each section of the chapter then jump to 65 questions in the exam seems like a huge jump in content that needs to be covered. I think the more quiz questions at the end of each section will allow the user to gain more knowledge about those sections.

Looking back on this program, this is a great tool for me after graduation. For personal use, it will definitely come in handy in internship situations because not everyone are certified Hootsuite users! It is a unique skill that will jump others who may have similar qualifications as myself. And certainly, becoming well versed in all aspects of communication will set me to be successful post-college.

I would like to thank #Freberg17 for a fun semester. You are all awesome people.

Plugs to my socials.


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