''Who Was Michael Jackson?'' by: Megan Stine Nov./Dec. 2016 AR Biography/Autobiography Activity

''On May 26, 1994, Michael and Lisa Marie had a very secret wedding. It was in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.'' (pg 84)

Based upon the context clues, dominican republic is an island in the Caribbean to have wedding

Dominican republic

''Michael had surgery to put a dimple in his chin.''(76)

Based upon the context clues, surgery means to change something medically.


''That put Michael in a private mode, so he could put all his emotions and feelings into the song.'' (51)

Based upon the context clues, emotions are the way you feel inside.

''A huge memorial service was held in Los Angeles. It was a broadcast on TV.'' (96)

Based upon the text, a memorial service is a remembrance of a lost one.

''Michael loved to play pranks and practical jokes.''(46)

Based upon the context clues, practical funny or entertaining.

''Diana was going to star in The Wiz. The story based on The Wizard Of Oz but it was set in New York City. Michael would get to play the scarecrow.(40)

Based upon the context clues, scarecrow means a man made of hay to scare away birds.

'' Diana complained that Michael learned his dances too fast and made everyone else look bad. (41)

Based upon the context clues, complain means to cry are make a big deal about something.

''He knew she was very religious.'' (87)

Based upon the context clues, religious means a faithful christian.


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