Education Museum Virtual eTwinning museum

Museum-based transnational collaborative learning activity from Jorge Manuel Ferreira da Cunha & Irène Indemans

Learning outcomes

Activity description

designing an own Virtual Education Museum in ADOBE SPARK with contributions from all participating eTwinning schools

CONTENT: The documentary collection of the museum consists of

  • labelled (dimensions and information) photos of objects used in teaching
  • story books describing classroom and playground settings, based on info from interviews with elderly people
  • videos with sketches illustrating pedagogical practices
  • diary with biographical statements from teachers
  • drawings/comic strips to illustrate school rules
Classroom and playground settings in the past

PROCESS of the project in the TwinSpace

  • Any student would have access to a TwinSpace part that would include learning activities about old teaching objects and knowledge of their previous functions.
  • It would be possible to acquire some utensils and imitate the practice of these ancient objects.
  • Any teacher will have their specific field of intervention, just like in TwinSpace and they could collaborate with each other.
  • A webliography with museums of education on a transnational scale will be available in order to know its content, share it and participate in activities prepared for young people.
  • Teachers also can have online access to classic publications about education or pedagogy.

Support required

  • URL’s of specific websites in the mother tongue
  • translations of part of these specific websites in the vehicle language of the eTwinning project
  • class discussion to draft the questions for the interview
  • reception of the interviewees at school
  • tutorials for using the ICT-tools

Online tools

  • Adobe Spark for the final collaborative outcome: the Education Museum
  • Google Drive and Padlet for collaborating and presenting
  • Kizoa for the videos
  • Comic 3D Life for the comic strips
  • Labeley for labelling the objects
  • StoryJumber for devising ebooks


An agreed-on selection from these assessment criteria concerning learning skills - behaviors

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