Our Mission

Our first responsibility is to all past, present and future students of The College at Brockport. BSG supports, facilitates, and encourages the development of students as they prepare for roles as leaders in diverse and interdependent communities.

Let us not forget about all the great things that happened this past fall. This is a time to reflect on all our successes. Spring into this new exciting semester with us! To stay involved in our journey to come, follow us @bsgbuzz on all platforms.


A large part of what Brockport Student Government does, comes out of our Activities Department. This is where all of our unique and engaging events are planned and executed. One of the main focuses of the Activities Department, is to create events that are purposeful, meaning that our students can leave with something gained. Whether that be wonderful college memories, bringing awareness to HIV, or offering something to do on a quiet night, we want our students to feel they have attained something from choosing to spend their time with us.

This semester we hosted over 70 events. Our largest scale event was our Homecoming Festival, where we brought games, food trucks, and a ferris wheel to campus. Let us not forget about those beautiful Homecoming T-Shirts!

We host smaller activities such as, stress relief, giving out snacks, and information tabling sessions. We also have our regular events such as Joe on the Go and our Thursday Night Movie series. Our larger scale events last semester include Grocery Bingo, Escape Rooms, Study Union, Brocktoberfest, and Haunted U. We also had events like Coffee with a Cop, World Sexual Health Day, Self Defense Training, A "Green" Winter, which were aimed to be purposeful to give resources and information to our students.


Part of our role as representatives of our student body is to advocate for their needs. A lot of our advocacy efforts come from, but not limited to, our Advocacy Department and Senate. Coming into this academic year, we restructured our Advocacy Department; creating 3 areas of focus. These areas are off-campus, internal, and SUNY Student Assembly advocacy.

Members of BSG attending the Fall 2018 SUNY SA Conference in Albany to learn how to represent our students views at the state level.

Off-campus issues could be things like transportation, housing, food insecurity, and working with the Village of Brockport and local businesses.

Internal issues can be observing how we function to make sure that BSG remains diverse, equitable and inclusive, as well as continually practicing cultural competence.

The third area of focus is about maintaining a relationship between Brockport and the SUNY Student Assembly to make sure that the voices of our students at our respective campus, are being heard at the state-wide level. We also have the ability to take on initiatives that the Student Assembly is pushing, and bring them back to our own campus.

SUNY Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson meeting some Brockport students during her visit.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan (EDI)

This semester our Advocacy Department has worked effortlessly with the help of our EDI Committee and Dr. Cephas Archie, the Chief Diversity Officer for The College at Brockport, to create our EDI Plan. This document was created to layout a more clear way BSG can work towards the goals set forth by the college in their Strategic Plan for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. One area where we are confident in our ability to help is achieving and maintain a balanced representation in faculty, staff and student body. We are also planning on using our positions on this campus to try new ways to help support our students academically and encourage them to strive to achieve greatness, as well as continue to build on Brockports values to create a more inclusive and positive campus climate for everyone alike.

Reimagine RTS

Regional Transit Service has planned changes in their routes. These changes will be removing the route from Rochester to Brockport.

We designed, sent out, and analyzed a survey surrounding the usage and need for the services RTS provides. Based on that information, we have conducted research on possible alternatives. BSG has been apart of meetings with community and RTS officials to effectively represent the students that will be effected by these changes. As soon as we have more information pertaining to these adjustments, we will be communicating it to you to continue to receive feedback as well as keep them updated on how this may affect you. This is an issue that BSG will continue to explore options available to us, to help minimize the counter effects of the route removal.


BSG worked with NuIntegrations to develop ECHO an online petitioning system that gives students a place to use their voice. Students are able to sign in using their Net ID and submit a petition targeted at a topic that they feel needs to be addressed. Brockport students are able to sign as many petitions as they would like to show support for the proposed idea. The system is continuously monitored to assure that petitions are being approved in a timely fashion. We hope that this tool will help us continue to advocate for what our students truly want.

We announced ECHO over the summer at Golden Eagle Orientation. Our official launch was at the beginning of last semester. During the first semester of its use, 85 different petitions have been submitted; 4 of which have reached signature threshold. When a petition reaches threshold, our Senators begin to investigate if change is possible. Currently, 2 of them have official responses from BSG.

Sign on and submit a petition today!

Voter Registration

Through multiple departments within BSG we pushed voter registration, with the help of SUNY SA and Community Development. We spent numerous days tabling to either encourage students to register to vote, grab an absentee ballot, or get more information about the candidates running.

We worked with Talon TV to created a video on Ballot Ready, which was a service where students could put their address in, and receive information on candidates running for open positions in their area. At our tabling sessions we were able to get students familiar with this site.

The College at Brockport made it onto a list of The Best Colleges for Student Voting. Check it out!

Clubs & Organizations

BSG clubs were very active during the fall semester. They held over 200 meetings.

Seven new club constitutions were submitted to our Club & Budget Resource Committee (CBRC) for review, with six receiving CBRC and Senate Approval. These would include:

  • Education Club
  • Brockport for UNICEF
  • Military Appreciation Support Club
  • United Student Filmmakers
  • Brockport Eaglettes
  • Creative Writing Club

This semester we organized a BSG Club Storage Purge. Twelve of our clubs joined us on December 9th where we donated numberous items to Goodwill, Center for Select Repsect (CSR) and Liberty Manor Women's Shelter. Craft, party supplies, and copier paper were given to Goodwill and CSR, while approximately fifty miscellaneous club event t-shirts were given to the Women's Shelter.

Priority Services

89.1 The Point

The Fall Semester was a history making semester for 89.1 The Point. Thanks to the purchase of new Tieline remote Voice over IP equipment, we were able to broadcast live more from Brockport sporting events than in any of the past five years.

We sent 3 students to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Orlando, where they trained alongside industry professionals. We also sent 2 student to the College Broadcasters INC (CBI) in Seattle to learn what other college media is doing across the country.

In November, we executed a donation drive Warming up Western New York. We set up events at Maurice’s in Brockport and Batavia over two days asking members of the community to donate. We received over 300 donation to be given to Community Action of Orleans and Genesse.

Lastly, during the intersession we made a switch to ZETTA, a radio industry standard in audio-recording and playback used in almost every market across the country, as well as a switch to GSelector a music scheduling program that paired with ZETTA allows 89.1 The Point to broadcast to potentially over 500,000 people 24/7/365 and helping keep our students on pace with industry standards.

The Stylus

Our Mission: We made it an integral process of our everyday duty to report and inform each other on the latest involvements of our community, campus and nation.

We implemented a new position of Web Manager. This allowed for our organization to expand its horizons into modern day communication and caused a 20% increase of web-traffic, compared to a year ago. We were able to be creative with this position, with the introduction of online-exclusive articles, as well as a page where people looking to advertise with us, could go.

We have evolved with the times by improving the distribution of our newspaper copies, resulting in a more efficient delivery. We have also diversified the content and sections of our newspaper, with the addition of columns focusing on culture, heritage and history of South American countries, in addition to covering the latest news on national political issues. All of these new implementations, wrapped in a brand new look and aesthetic, were published in 12 issues last semester.

Talon Television

We were able to purchase a lot of new equipment to better the quality of our work and create more opportunities for the members to grow professionally. To help with professional growth, a few members were sent to the Excellence in Journalism National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. We are excited for our new show Tea Time with Terrence and to announce that new content is in the works and will be premiering Spring 2019!

Letter from our President & Vice President

Dear Students,

We here at the Brockport Student Government are proud to say that we have had a successful semester. We started new initiatives and advocacy efforts that we believe will create positive, sustainable change for our students, such as the implementation of our brand-new online petitioning system. We have also finished some very important existing projects. We signed a “Statement on Shared Governance” with the college which will give BSG and students platforms to advocate for students more so than ever before. Overall, BSG has made an effort to provide meaningful services and activities to our students in all departments and committees.

The BSG team is looking forward to the rest of the spring semester. We have a lot planned for you! Make sure to keep up to date with all our events, senate developments, and advocacy efforts so you can keep engaged with us.

If you have any questions, or want to get involved, please feel free to call the BSG Business Office between 8:oo am and 4:00 pm Monday-Friday at (585)395-2550 or email us at any of the contacts listed below.

Best Regards,

Joshua Mathews, BSG President

Kate Demskie, BSG Vice President

Presented at the Foundation Board of Directors

During Homecoming weekend BSG President, Joshua Mathews brought students to the Foundation Board of Directors to talk about the importance of scholarship opportunities in three key areas: undergraduate research, study abroad, and internships. With a push for more funding we can hope to see more opportunities and aid in these areas.

Shared Governance

Shared governance means that students, faculty, and the administration will be working together to make important decisions that affect all stakeholders. Some important developments in shared governance include the following:

  • signed the shared governance document
  • Made efforts to decentralize student representation by getting student leaders, and senators involved in more campus-wide committees
  • We now have student representation on all college senate standing committees

Preferred Name Process

At the end of last year, we developed a process with the Office of Diversity and BASC for students to be able to use a preferred name rather than their legal name on their ID card. We were very proud to see the wonderful response and use of this process from our student body.

Pep Band

BSG started a task force with representatives from Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, Music Department, BSG, Student Union and Activities, and Athletics with the mission of creating and sustaining a pep band on campus. This pep band would be a great addition to the atmosphere at sporting events.

Treasurer Report

To ensure transparency and to protect the interests of the Brockport students we serve, Brockport Student Government engages a CPA firm to perform an annual audit of our financial statements and to issue an opinion on those statements. These financial statements include the statement of financial position as of May 31, 2018, and the related statement of activities and change in net assets and cash flows. The Bonadio Group was contracted in 2018 to perform this service for three years starting with the 2018 audit.

The 2018 opinion issued by The Bonadio Group:

“In our opinion, the 2018 financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Brockport Student Government as of May 31, 2018, and the change in its net assets and its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.”

In non-CPA speak...our financial statements are accurate, reliable, and were created in accordance with standard accounting principles.

Dawn Footer, BSG Treasurer

Additional Information


This semester was great for collaboration! Something that we try to do as much as possible is work on events or initiatives with other clubs, organizations, or departments around campus. This semester we approves over 20 collaboration request, ranging from monetary contribution for training for our University Police Officers, to planning events such as Women in Power, to helping fund purposeful programming such as the Purple Run 4(k) Change, the Veterans 5k, and the Keep It Sexually Safe Health Fair.

These collaborations have been with a variety of different groups such as, University Police, Leadership Development Program, Department of Business Administration, Student Union & Activities, Center for Select Respect, Exercise Science Club, Brockport Military Engagement and Action Committee, and the Golden Eagle Senior Council.


We have been trying to expand our knowledge on how our actions and decisions impact our community around us. Our entire staff has now gone through Green Dot Training, an implicit bias training, a work place violence and sexual harassment training, as well as a conflict management training. We will all be more conscious of the things we say and do to make sure we are creating a safe and positive climate in the work place. We will also continue to encourage our students to seek out trainings that test their self reflection so they too can spread the positivity.

Hiring Process

Last year, we changed how our hiring process functions, to ensure a more equitable, unbiased, and efficient process. Hiring season for us gets very busy with a lot of on boarding work. This semester we learned from our mistakes and were able to hire for multiple vacant positions in a more timely manner.

Some things that we have added is an interview rubric that has a set criteria for each position, and an interview question bank, so it is more clear to see if a candidate is qualified for the position. We have also worked on making our hiring process more secure, by the addition of new myBrockport pages for our committees. This allows for only the members of the personnel committee to have access to a candidates submitted material.

Personal Financial Literacy

We have begun to seek out clubs and organizations that we could collaborate with to promote financial literacy to you through workshops, speakers, and informational postings. We want to help support our students in unique ways that could better prepare them for life after graduation. Spring 2019 will be the beginning of these events that we hope will help students navigate their personal finances.


Certain positions within BSG have been on a stipend for many years now and last semester we realized that many of the duties of those positions have changed over the years. With the changes in duties, there was a noticeable discrepancy between the number of hours required to work, and the hours these positions were receiving in pay. To avoid this, we have been taking the proper steps to change the pay structure for all BSG employees to hourly pay.

Thank you for a wonderful fall semester!

We hope you enjoyed the recap of all the work we have been doing. We have so much planned for you, coming this spring. Stay tuned and follow us @bsgbuzz on all platforms.

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