A Beautiful Family Walk By Anthony Wise

A family walk after church is never a bad idea. The ability to appreciate nature is a beautiful thing and can be even better when spending time with family. Here are a few shots from this beautiful site.

A castle like house sits on top of the beautiful mini mountain along side of the trail.
Walking in duck boots are built for the perfect rocky texture trail.
Ayden Wise stares off into the amazing scenery in a red white and blue collared shirt.
On the rocky dirt trail we can see some mud puddle along the way.
A small stream rides the edge of the trail alongside a larger river.
We can see the texture of the wooden fence that wraps around the trail.
The narrow river lines the scenery of Gring's Mill park.
Christmas decorations line the bridge that goes over the river that surrounds the trail.
The Christmas tree decorated with red lights gives light on the theme at Gring's Mill park.
The bridge at Gring's Mill park leads us straight to the sun.


Photos By: Anthony Wise '22