Florida Natural History Museum Rebecca Witschel

Nature on Display

Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit

The butterfly rainforest was a beautiful green space in which there was little interaction. I really enjoyed this exhibit and thought it displayed the beauty of nature. While I was in the outside section where the butterflies would come right up to you and you could observe the various kinds of butterflies and learn some new facts about them, this is the only thing I was thinking about. This was a very unique and hands on way to take a step out of my every day life and just appreciate the beauty of something so natural. And although I did not see it and I wish I had, if you attend at a certain time you can watch new butterflies being released into the green area.

Nature & Ethics

Florida Fossils Exhibit

I personally enjoyed this little display, "Points in Time" in the Florida Fossil Exhibit and thought it was exemplary of the ethics aspect of the museum. I thought it was crazy to think how at one time in the U.S. people used these natural stones as tools. I think this display is a good reminder for us all to remember the very basic things in life like this. It is easy to get caught up in all of the distractions that society has today and to even feel overwhelmed by them. The bare necessities of life are simple, and the earth offers more to us than is imaginable, which is in line with what Leopold believed.

Nature & the Human Spirit

Florida Fossils Exhibit

I really enjoyed walking through this decorated exhibit of fossils of extinct animals that once lived in Florida. I think this exhibit especially demonstrated the human spirit. Being human and attaining a good life isn't about focusing on yourself. Rather it is about taking in the things that are around you and appreciating what was and what it is today. The idea that animals can go extinct is crazy to me, and is a reminder that we as people need to be mindful of the fact that we have the most capability than any other species on the planet. And for this reason we should feel responsible for preserving ourselves and the environment around us. These are some of the thoughts that crossed my mind while touring this exhibit, and I think it has a lot of thought provoking capability.

Me enjoying the Fossils Exhibit

Some More Pictures

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