Submerged A breathless Workshop

Hey there!

I am Jennifer Tallerico, but most call me JT. I specialize in boudoir and underwater. As a former scientist working with open bodies of water, I found my niche submerged at the bottom of springs and lakes. The underwater boudoir work has been called an ethereal world where my clients find themselves lost in a fairytale.

In addition to photography, I am also a senior writer for for FStoppers and Expert Photography. My work has been seen magazines such as Rangefinder and Philosophie.

The mysteries that lie beneath the surface of the water are so compelling to me. I have been working with water for decades as a scientist and photographer exploring its properties. After many years of shooting clients, I wanted to show others just how great the experience can be when you let go of your worries and follow your clients into a ethereal movement under the surface.

“Soon we were achieving these beautiful shots with a mystical, etherial feel to them, all in camera. It was like she spoke a second language and could translate what the sun and water could do for her photos”

If you have wanted to try underwater work but do not have a housing--you will be allowed to shoot with my gear and I will send you the raw images for you to edit back at your studio!

You DO NOT need scuba gear. We only submerge for less than 10 seconds as most clients cannot hold longer

  • On Land : Learn everything you need to know for your gear, marketing, shooting for larger wall art, editing underwater and more
  • In the Water: Everything from posing, wardrobe, safety, communicating with the client, shooting implied nudes underwater (harder than you think!), shooting over/under images, shooting locations if you do not have a pool, couples shooting (again harder than you think underwater!), and how to overcome any issue and stay calm

You will learn how

  • I said goodbye to slow seasons
  • I developed long term returning clients
  • Your clients will market for you seamlessly
  • This unique niche will put you on top in your boudoir business.
“As we dove back under, I forgot about everything going on above water. I felt calmed with how quiet my surroundings became, just focusing on the tiny beeps of her camera.
Questions? Feel free to email me if you need help before or after the class admin@jtnoirstudios.com

Step 1: Please make sure you have a Camp Pass before purchasing this class.

Step 2: Once you have a camp pass chose your options for class time:

Underwater classes are $325 Tuesday 9-12 or 1-4

Private editing class focusing on underwater $250 (this is a private one on one class in your free time)

Payment plans are available. Please message me for details

Step 3: email me admin@jtnoirstudios. I will be sending information over the year to help you get started prior to the class. This will help us to focus on shooting time rather than classroom lecture.

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