Healing Between the Lines is a community led training program aimed to educate medical trainees on the impact of structural racism on the health of the community through the lens of Redlining and how to advocate along-side the community to amplify the their voices for change.

Healing Between the Lines is a 6 month program for medical students at Wayne State University School of Medicine and residents at the DMC. The first component of the program is the bi-weekly workshops that are designed and delivered by community organizers, activists, and organizations throughout Detroit. The sessions are broken into 3 phases; History and Context, Skill Building and Accountability, and Translating to Action. Some example topics include the legacy of Redlining in Black Detroit, generational trauma and health, and how to utilize data to shape equitable policy.

The second component of the program are our Justice Circles. Justice Circles are monthly small group sessions between a community organization and our medical trainees where they dive deeper into the themes for the month. Furthermore, these sessions are spaces for reimagining what an equitable Detroit can look like with each Justice Circle working towards developing a policy or program proposal that targets the community's priorities. From the criminal justice system to housing, these groups explore the intersection and implications of up-stream barriers with a health equity lens.

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  • Donations to help support with compensation for our partners and engagement efforts
  • Food deliveries for our community round table dinners
  • Attending the end-of-program symposium on June 19th
  • Spreading the word about the program!

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