Temporary Happenings that effect Eternity. My Journey to & Through Missions

This title is extremely significant to me. These past few months I have really grown in my thinking of Eternity and the depth that it is. How every situation, circumstance, time in our life, is actually small, and doesn't last. Now I don't want that to sound depressing at all because it actually isn't. Although we can go through amazing triumphs, life transformations, and grow in relationship with one another that are truly important on this earth, its a blink of an eye when you look at the length of Eternity. When you look at forever. Forever with King Jesus. How cool. That has definitely changed my daily thinking. I know that there has to be a specific reason why this earth was created, why you and I were created, and there has to be significance in what we do with our time here. So, I've chosen to not live inside a box. To let go, and truly, Let God. Let God lead my entire life from this point on. That what I do with the tools and gifts he's given me are important, how I interact with people is important, and how it all truly effects eternity.

The past two years I have been involved in Youth With A Mission, Boston and have attended their Discipleship Training school (DTS), Discipleship Bible School (DBS), and staffed the last DBS. It has definitely not been a perfectly smooth ride through choosing to do these deeply influential schools, and before I did them I made the decision in my head that I would just attend the schools and then go back to living a "normal" life. I know that not everyone sees "normal" the same, but for me, working a job part time while going to college seemed like the "thing to do". It's what everyone does in their 20s right? Well not everyone. Now, I'm not saying by any means going to college and working a part time job is wrong at all, I just knew that if I went and did those things I wouldn't be fully walking out in God's call for me. Now "God's Call" is also a pretty difficult topic to talk about because it can be looked at differently by different people. But I see it as the feeling, the inside knowing you have when you're thriving in something so much that 1. you can't explain how right and close to perfect it feels and 2. it stretches every part of your being. That's how I feel about missions.

Being a missionary through YWAM may look different than you've heard before. Youth With A Mission (YWAM, generally pronounced /ˈwaɪwæm/) is an evangelical inter-denominational, non-profit Christian, missionary organization. So everyone that works within YWAM raises support to live, eat, attend their schools, go on mission trips, etc. So of course, that's already one of the most difficult things to juggle, raising money instead of "working" for it. We do in fact, work. As a staff member I am currently preparing to go back and staff my second Discipleship Bible School. Monday through Friday we have set teachers who come to our classroom and teach on the books of the bible, and as staff we lead small groups, grade homework, have one on ones with our students, lead outreaches on Universities, and set up different times to hangout as a big family. We also have optional outreaches at the end of our schools that usually last about 3 weeks outside the country, using what we've learned from the Word of God and spreading the love of Jesus to anyone and everyone we can. Definitely not your typical job description that you may hear about but it definitely requires a lot of responsibility, dedication, investment, commitment, and desire to lay a lot of your own personal desires to serve God. Now it doesn't mean we don't do anything fun or get to buy anything nice for ourselves because there is room for that! ( Amen to coffee and clothes). I believe God totally delights in what we delight in, our goal is just to remember that those things are never higher or more important than God, so sometimes it means skipping new shoes, or a Starbucks coffee. :)

Through attending my Discipleship Bible School this past spring, I quickly realized that God was stirring up a hunger in me for His Word. After reading through the whole book I realized how much I didn't know, and that got me excited. It's amazing that we'll never reach a point in life where we'll know everything there is to know about God's creation, why this happened and why that happened and that takes a lot of pressure off to be "perfect". I've struggled with trying to have everything together. Most of the time I just want to know the plan and what's going to happen next so I can be prepared and make sure I don't fail in any type of way. But the Lord quickly shattered that expectation of myself. We can never be perfect. If we were, there would be no need for God and I know that I truly need Him and that it's okay to be a messy kid.

At the end of this past DBS that I staffed, God was growing me in all types of ways and I think one of the reasons why I grew so quickly in these different areas was because of the posture of my heart. One of the most important things I learned in this past season was surrendering everything to the Father. If I hold on to anything too tightly, start to idolize things, and plan around my own desires, forgetting to let God lead my life, things can easily fall apart. It's not about my own strength of keeping things perfect, but trusting His hand through it all, and that He knows best. I heard very clearly from God this past winter "You need these people". Something else I learned this season was how vital community is. I've never felt so loved and supported in my entire life than living in a community that yearns to know God more everyday and works at encouraging each other in every season that we're in. I believe God planned it out so specifically for me to be in Boston, working with YWAM. To grow and be shaped around these amazing men and women of God. He created Relationship and as we honor Him through them, we get to experience Jesus through each other every single day.

With all of that being said, I feel a very strong call to stay on staff in Boston and to continue as a missionary throughout this year. My heart is to tell people of God's constant love and endlessly beautiful character, discipling students through the word of God and praising Him through worship and song. I know that this is where I am suppose to be and I trust that God will provide my every need. I trust that He knows where this all leads and that there is so much purpose for what I'm doing and what purpose my life has. I thrive in encouraging others to believe and walk in that same confidence.

This year, I am excited to get messy, to fail at things and learn from them. To lean into the Lord with everything that I am and expect only goodness from Him. I want His name to be known in and through my life. I am asking if you would like to partner with me. To walk along side of me in prayer and financial support, offering the gospel to University students, to people in Europe and India as we travel there this next year after our two schools, and help support me as I live on base at YWAM Boston. I am in need of $675 a month. You can give anything from $5, 10, 20, 50 + a month, whatever the Lord puts on your heart. Your part is SO SIGNIFICANT! You are effecting eternity every time you pray and ask the Lord to move and provide. So, if you feel led to give towards this call and/or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I would love to talk with you and share my heart more about what God is doing! I will also be continuing a blog through the year with updates and things that I'm learning from Him. :)

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