1960s Protest Music MAsters of war by Bob dylan - Priyanka patel

Who is the artist? Bob Dylan

What is the name of the song? Masters of War

When was it recorded/released? 1963

What other (if any) famous songs do they sing? Only a Pawn in Their Game, Blowin’ in the Wind, Redemption Song

What do you think the lyrics of the song mean?

Come you masters of war / You that build all the guns / You that build the death planes / You that build all the bombs / You that hide behind walls / You that hide behind desks / I just want you to know / I can see through your masks.

The purpose of this song is to show that people may not be able to see all the bad things soldiers do at war to achieve their goal, but Bob Dylan can because he "can see through your [the soldiers] masks." The soldiers going out to war are building bombs and weapons to use in the war and using them for violence on innocent people and Dylan wants to show that to the people because he believes they are guilty for their actions.

How do they relate to or reflect the time period? He reflects his opinion in a song to inform people that the soldiers fighting in Vietnam are using unfair actions by forcing information out of people violently. He is trying to protest against the methods the soldiers are using.

What is taking place in history when the song was recorded or popular? The Vietnam War

What was the overall inspiration and message of the lyrics of the song? By composing "Masters of War" Bob Dylan was able to show people that the soldiers that go to war and harm or kill innocent people for information, should be punished for their actions.


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