Spain By Eddie Medina

Madrid is Spain's capital.
Tagus is the longest river in Spain being 645 miles long!
The tallest mountain in Spain is tedie it is 12,198 feet tall and it is a volcano it last erupted in 1909
Sistema Central is the smallest of ranges it's about 8,503 next is La Pinareja which is about 7,208 last one is Mulhacén the tallest which is 11,413
Mediterranean Sea is the nearest body of water to Spain 46.77 million people in Spain.
The biggest lake in spain that I could find was the Sanabria Lake.
The last time they had a active volcano was in 1909
The geographic coordinates of Spain: 40.4637° N 3.7492° W
The region that Spain is in is Europe.
The climate of Spain is hot dry summers and rainy winters.
In Spain you will mostly find that floods are the natural disasters.
Spain is worth quite a lot it's worth 200,000,000 billion dollars
The life expectancy in Spain for men and woman is 87 years


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