Theology of the Body Bianca alverio and danieL posada

Theology of the Body Institute The mission of Theology of the Body Institute is dto educate and train men and women to understand, live and promote the Theology of the Body.
Differences between male and female are: - Males are less organized than a female - Males tend to have lesser personal products than female. - Males are straight to the point. Females usually go in full detail Differences between female and male are: - Females mature quicker than males. - Females are more insecure about themselves than males - Females like to take charge in their daily life.
The way this helps me is because you really understand that even though make and females look similar are actually very different. You get to see and understand the differences of the way females and males think and perceive different situations. I can now see why females and males have so many differences.
We feel that they should understand each other. They should be polite and respectful and love each other and see the positive in each other. I think that the male should pay.
1. To be respectful. 2. To love each other equally. 3. To understand each other's side of the story in the problem. 4. To be courteous. 5. Very family oriented. 6. Appreciate the little things about each other. 7. Men should pay on dates. 8. Respect each other's decisions. 9. The guy should always be interested in the girl. 10. They both should always love each other.

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