What is the Intelliglobe II Deluxe Interactive Globe and How it Works

The Intelliglobe II Deluxe Interactive Globe is the most informative and educational globe that includes more than 1’000 fun facts, geography and general knowledge which is amazing and much thought provoking.

This interactive globe has a wireless pen with itself that is called Intellipen. The pen is moved on the surface of the globe to play games and explore facts about the planet. The wireless pen is useful for all age groups. Besides all features, it has a World discovery book used to find maps, landmarks, moon maps, animals, dinosaur, and flags.

How to us the globe

The Intellipen is used to read the tiny symbols on the globe and world discovery book. Touch the wireless pen on the surface of the globe to play games, explore, and discover different facts about the planet. The Intelliglobe interactive globe is considered one of the most advanced globes by its multiple features.

Explore Features

Select the explore category on the feature panel of the interactive globe to learn about different cities, countries and areas. The tip of the Intellipen is used to point on the surface of the globe to select your desired category. The explore features include: Geography, Geology, Resources, languages, Continents, Cities, Population, History, Economics, Currency, Food, Culture, Music, Ecology, Tourism and much more.

Comparing Features

For the comparison of two places, you only need to touch two locations on the interactive globe one after the other. Compare Features include: Population - Land Area - Life Expectancy


To keep the interest of kids, a number of different games are included in this interactive globe. One of the games is Find a game that is played by the help of Intellipen. Touch the found category and go to a certain place on the map, find the location as soon as possible to obtain the highest score before the time runs out. Moreover, the game includes: find continents, Countries, Capitals and landmarks.

To play Multiple Choice Challenge

Touch the Multiple Choice Trivia Challenge category and test your knowledge to answer the questions. Touch the A, B, C or D button or a place on the globe. Try to obtain a perfect score of 10 correct answers.

One of the most popular interactive globes, the Intelliglobe II Deluxe Interactive Globe is captivating and full of amazing features. This article discusses the features and use of this interactive globe.

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