JMM April 2017 Camping with the boys

Needed a chance to get the boys out of the house and into the woods. With three teenage boys in a small space tensions tend to rise at times. Kaleb had a couple high school baseball games so I started out with Malachi and Aden alone. Since I had Good Friday off from work, I took the opportunity to keep Aden and Malachi home from school, though they did not have Good Friday off. They of course did not complain!

We arrived at Jefferson Memorial Forest just after 4pm. We picked up our reservation packet at the Welcome Center and went quickly to our site at the Horine Reservation. Within 45 minutes or so our campsite was set up and ready for fun. It didn't take long for the boys to get the bb gun out and commence the attack on the targets. I bought some new camping gear this year. In the picture you can see the Coleman propane stove, Canopy from Academy, and three new camp chairs.

Early the next morning we set out for some nightcrawlers to hit the lake first thing. I gave them the option to fish or hike first. Hands down - fishing was first on the list. Malachi was the only one to snag a fish for the day. He caught two bass using an artificial crawdad. The first one he caught he actually stole from me, since I handed him my pole to use, while I helped Aden rig a worm! We saw some huge bass that were indifferent to every bait we threw at them. Sky was blue, temp just right. It was glorious.

We hit the trail for a 5 mile hike next on the Red Trail. It was very peaceful. Malachi spent most of the hike asking when the hike would end, until we walked upon a 5 ft Indigo snake! We had purchased a slingshot when we bought the worms, so Malachi was quick to the punch and nailed the snake in the head on the first try. It took a few more shots before we were sure the snake was immobilized. Once we felt sure the snake could not attack us, Malachi wrapped the snake on a stick and paraded it back to our campsite.

Friday afternoon we were joined by two more of the boys, Jdub and Charlie. Jdub wouldn't come out to camp with us at first because,

  1. he wasn't sure what kind of food we had,
  2. and he was concerned there might be wolves at night.

So he mandated that Charlie stay overnight with us. That worked well. Charlie loved the camp site and the trail, especially the water spicket and the creek we found on the Orange Trail during our Saturday morning hike (2 miles).

We talked a lot about using kind words. I emphasized two categories, into which all our speech should fall - giving glory to God, or building one another up. I want these boys to grow up and offer life and love to all they encounter. It is important they know how to stand up to someone else and fight for a worthy cause, but not for their own glory or pride. God have mercy on our family and fill these boys with your Spirit!

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Jeromy Hofmeister

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