Aromatherapy Inhale Your way to Happiness

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of inhalation of essential oils from aromatic plants, flowers, trees and shrubs to restore or enhance health and wellbeing (Butje, Repede, Elizabeth, & Shattell, 2008). Aromatherapy can be administered by inhaling essential oils directly from the bottle, diffused into the air, dissolve them into bath, apply them during a massage, or use other methods to spread their aroma(Butje, Repede, Elizabeth, & Shattell, 2008).
Aromatherapy works through a complex sensory-somatic cascade that instantaneously activates the autonomic nervous system, memory and emotion through the amygdala and other limbic structures. (Butje Repede, & Shattell, 2008). Olfactory stimulation causes immediate physiological changes in blood pressure, muscle tension, brain waves and arousal states.
Simply put, sniffing an aroma can change a persons' whole mind set.
A scent from your childhood can bring back memories. For instances, the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking can remind a person of a visit to their grandma’s house.
The scent of a particular perfume or cologne can stimulate an arousal for the person you love.
Olfaction’s direct connection to the brain via the limbic system, allows essential oils to have immediate effects on emotions and mental states (Sheppard-Hanger, 2015). Perception of odors can have a major impact on memory, learning, emotions, thinking and feeling(Sheppard-Hanger, 2015). Scents can up lift spirits and calm the nervous system (Sheppard-Hanger, 2015).
Adding a new practice to a busy schedule can be very cumbersome. However, the practice of aromatherapy is easier to add to a busy schedule then juicing each morning or exercising daily. It's simple. Just....
Essential oil can be added to a carrier, such as a vegetable oil or unscented lotion and then applied to the skin, or they can be added to bath salts, room sprays, or diffusers for inhalation. The most effective application route for decreasing anxiety and slowing an overactive mind is inhalation.
A few essential oils used to reduce anxiety, improve mood and reduce stress.....




Clary Sage





Rose Otto

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