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Today, I traveled to a church in Frisco, Texas. I woke up in the morning excited to learn more about christianity at the church! The church I visited called themselves "Hope Fellowship." I learned a lot from going to the church service and got to meet the pastor!

While in the church, I heard music, coming from a live band, and many people were singing along. I saw some people getting very involved, on their knees praying to God, and other people just silently listening. I saw many crosses on the wall, which is the symbol of Christianity. People were dressed in nice clothes, and were very kind and had outstanding manners. The signifigance of the Church is to be a place where people can come to pray, worsphip, and be in the presence of their one God. On the outside, the Church was a stone buidling, with a cross on the top, and it was quite a beautiful place to visit.

A Church, the holy place of Christianity
Crosses, the symbol of Christianity
Holy book of Christianity


Today, I woke up in Mecca, Saudi Arabia excited to learn more about the Islam religion. I got to visit a Mosque. The Mosque looked like a beautiful mansion, and I couldn't wait to go inside to meet the people of Mecca!

When I got inside, the first thing I noticed was almost everybody was praying. I later learned that the people of the Islam religion pray five times a day. Each time they do, they pray facing Mecca. The holy book of Islam is called the Qur'an. They regard this as the sacred word of God. Everybody was dressed in long, silk clothing which I later found out was called a "headress". Women wear silk on top of their heads draping down over their shoulders and back called a "veil" or a "hijab." The islamic clothing was wonderful and the Mosque was amazing!

Islamic Mosque
Islamic holy book
Islamic clothing


Today I have traveled to Sri Lanka, Thailand to learn more about the Buddhist religion. I traveled to a Buddhist's home to see how they live and the culture of their religion.

The homes of Sri Lanka were very nice. The outside looked as if it was made of sand... but more sturdy than actual grains of sand. Inside, the house was very neat. The person I vistited showed me the holy book of Buddhism, which was the Tripitaka. I learned that Buddhists worship in their homes or in a temple. I learned that Buddhists MUST refrain from: harming living things, taking what is not given, sexual misconduct, lying or gossip, and taking intoxicated substances such as drinking or drugs. The last thing I learned was that Buddhist's pray to the god Buddha.

A temple of worship
Sri Lanka, Thailand where Buddhism originated
The God, Buddha


Today I traveled to a small town in India to visit people of Hinduism. I was very excited to learn more about it because Hinduism is the third largest religion in the World!

I vistited a home of Hindus, and was shown their Shrine where offerings are made and prayers are said. Hindus make offerings to a Murti. I was told that a Murti is a sacred statue of God. The main building of worship is called a Mandir, which is a Hindu temple. The holy book of Hinduism is the Vedas. I also learned thatHindus do not just worship one God, they worship many Gods. Hindusim is a very big and sacred religion, practiced by many.

India, where Hinduism is mainly practiced
A cultural painting found in India, potentially found in a Hindus home
A temple found in India where Hindus worship


This is the last religion that I will be studying on my journey. I traveled to Isreal, which is the largest community of Jews in the world today. The second largest Jew community is the United States.. which is where I live!

I visited a synagogue, which is the religous place of worship for Jews. This is used as a place of worship, but also as a place to study and a community center. It was very beatiful and looked like it took a very long time to construct and add the details of the building. While in the synagogue, people explained to me that the holy book of Judaism is called the Torah. Christians refer this as the Old Testament. The Jews were very nice, and were all getting ready to celebrate their favorite time of year, Hanukkah!

synagogue of Isreal
Torah, the holy bookof Judaism
Hanukkah, a religous holiday of Judaism


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