The SATEC Arts Show is an ANNUAL celebration of the skills and talents of our spectacular students. It is a time to showcase students' creativity and unique voices as artists.
Ms. Duffy's Dance Class
Black History Month -Assembly highlights -February 2020


Ms. Duffy's students created an amazing series of original dance pieces.

Artist: Kenisha L. -Digital Illustration -GrADE 11 Visual Art


This semester Ms. Song's talented music students created soundtracks for film.

Artist: Suprovo K.
Acrylic Painting- Grade 11 Visual Art
Emily H. -Grade 12 Visual Art
Acrylic Painting


The following student artists' artworks were chosen to represent our school at the TDSB Creates gallery showcase at Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw St, from April 11th-April 23rd. Top left: Cory H.- The Crumbling Education. Top right: Smita M.-Barely Surviving. Bottom Left: Joely W.-Having Fun yet? Bottom right: Anusha R.- Bloom N Grow

Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s

How would Langston Hughes feel about the state of race relations today?
“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” Hafsa I. -Acrylic painting
Ms. Mack's English class responded to the question: "How would Langston Hughes feel about the state of race relations today?" in either a visual representation, a spoken word poem, or a poetry mashup of works past and present. Artwork on the left: Denitsa I. Artwork on the right: Annabel C.
Artist: Fabbiha S.-Site & Sound
Artist: Nastaran R. - GrADE 11 Visual Art -Digital illustration
Notan Artist:Vasnavi S.

Grade 11 Visual Art- Notan Class Display

Notan Artist: Akkshai B.
Dramatic Arts
Grade 9-Dramatic Arts Performances -Semester 1 highlights
Black History Month -Assembly: Semester 2 highlights

Dramatic Arts: Spoken Word

TDSB Creates 2020 Highlights including the SATEC Spoken Word Team

SATEC Spoken Word Team 2019-2020
Staff Advisor: Ms. Hodgson
Artist: Rayna C. -Digital Illustrations
Original digital comic cover design.
Digital Painting -Process Work
Final Digital Painting
Day 14 -Drawing Challenge


This semester Ms. Song's music students teamed up with Ms. Chantziaras' media arts students to create original animations and accompanying original musical scores.

Artist: SHAIRA S. -Double Identities -Grade 12 Media Arts- interactive aRTWORK


Each school year SATEC media arts students showcase their original short films during a lunch hour film festival. This year's feature film was Cha-Cha 2. A collaborative work created by grade 11 dramatic arts and media arts students.

Film still: Cha-Cha 2
Short film montage still: Cha-Cha 2
SATEC Original Short Film Festival Advertising: MD Tanjeem H.

Wearable Art-Student Art Display

Artists: (Left side) Earrings and jean jacket design Sharly D. (Right side) Sweater artwork: Nusaiba E.
Sharly D. -Jean jacket & fabric paint (close-up)
Wearable Art Project

Grade 11 Visual Arts

Grade 11 artists: Iftakharul K., Kenisha L., Rayna C., Suporvo K., Thulakshica S.,Veronica T. and Zarifa A.
Artist: Drew M.-Paper Sculpture -Grade 12 Visual Art

Grade 11 Visual Art-Sculpture

Grade 11 Visual Artists: Suprovo K., Thulakshica S., Fabbiha S., Dhruvi K., Derek D., Liaba S., Emma P., Muhhamad Z and Rishikkesh G.
Grade 11 Visual Art-Kinetic Sculpture Video
Artist: Annabel C. Digital Artworks- Gr.12 Media Arts
Remix/Mashup/ Hybridization project

Children's Illustration Remix Challenge

Visual Art-Sculpture

Adventures in Sculpture Project- Grade 12 Visual Art
Grade 12 Visual Art Paper Sculpture: Cathedral. Artist-Hafsa I.

Grade 9 Digital Art

Ms. Chao's Grade 9 Digital Art-Portrait Assignment
Ms. Chao's Grade 9 Digital Art class -Semester 1
Artist: Madison A. Title:Blue Light
Media: Graphite Pencil & WaterColour

Media Arts

Grade 12- Media Arts -Student Artworks

Artist: Nabiha N. -Found Sound-Digital Animation Project
Grade 11 Media Arts

Grade 10 Media Arts-Stop Motion Animation Projects

Grade 10 Photo Series-Black & White
Artist: Elizabeth D.- Gr.10 MEdia arts-Photography & Lightroom Software
Grade 10 Photo Series-Black & White
Grade 11 Media Arts:Photography Series-Christmas Market- Aliyaan Amalani- K.
Artist: KaynAat A. Gr. 10 Media Arts
Quarantine Photo Series
Quarantine Photo Series
Special thank you to Ms. Mack, Ms. Song, Ms.Duffy, Ms. Hodgson, Ms. Chantziaras & Ms. Chao.