seatopia by: searlait r.

Motto: Live life on the edge

seal: my seal is a dolphin because dolphins play a big part in our world, and to the people that get to train them

My visions: My utopia exist because children should be exposed to the ocean and the fresh air. Also we live in the water so we have experience with supernatural things, like breathing under water

citizens have to be born here. if not born here You have to fill out a form and you will be assigned a place if there is one open.


no going in water after 10:00, only on Sunday.

On Sunday you watch water shows with your families

swim training starts at the age 1

breakfast: 10:00-lunch: 12:30-snack: 2:00-dinner: 6:30

At 18 you go to Hawaii for 1 week

Honeymoon at 35 at Bahamas

When you are born a tracker goes in your wrist

At age 5 you are given a dolphin to train

at the age 20 you get assigned a house, and a job

lastly you are given 3 tasks in school, if you do not do them you get kicked out


in the middle of the pacific ocean because this is a sea place.

-daily schedule-

8:30- wake up

get ready for school

10:00- eat breakfast

10:30- leave to school

2:45- school ends

3:00- do your daily school pages online

6:30- dinner time

7:00- clean up dinner

7:15- feed dolphins

8to9- relax in ocean temple

9:30to10:00- go to bed


about 10 different people leading

i chose this because, if one president is good at one thing but bad at another thing. then we can have different people who major in different things


different people will run different parts

-persuasive appeal-

My utopia is fun and you still get to have an education. We have a smart government system and quick learners at young age. We educate about the world we live in. We train with dolphins and live in the water

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